The Report of the Court of Their Majesties Gareth, King and Juliana, Queen of Æthelmearc, held on the 30th day of September, Anno Societatas fifty-two, at Harvest Raids, in the Shire of Heronter. Business of the court recorded by Propraetor Marcus Claudius Cincinnatus with the assistance of THL Sophie Davenport, Silver Buccle Herald, and Baroness Helena Mutzhasen, Windmill Pursuivant.

In the morning at the list field:

Their Majesties called before them The Honorable Lord Thorsol Solinauga, and summoned the Members of the Order of Chivalry in attendance to join him. Their Majesties questioned His Lordship as to his preparedness to sit vigil, in contemplation of elevation to the Order of Chivalry. His Lordship replied in the affirmative.

Thorsol sent to vigil

THLord Thorsol is sent to vigil for Knighthood.

Before releasing the Order of Chivalry from Their presence, Their Majesties commanded that Baron Dominic MacMorland be brought before them. Their Majesties noted His Excellency’s prowess in the lists, and commanded that he too would sit vigil and contemplate elevation the Order of Chivalry. His Majesty invited Sir Michael of Northwood to conduct a final piece of business with his squire. Sir Michael reclaimed his squire’s belt from Baron Dominic, and they both noted the long years His Excellency had worn that belt. Thus freed of conflicting loyalties, the Order of Chivalry was commanded to take the candidates to their places of vigil. Scroll by Mistress Roberta McMorland.

Dominic sent to vigil

Baron Dominic is sent to vigil for Knighthood.

Court Suspended

Court Resumed, In the evening:

Those gentles attending their first event were invited before Their Majesties. Five gentles came forward and were given gifts to commemorate the beginning of their journey in the Society.

Morgan Littlejohn was brought before Their Majesties and named a companion of the Silver Sycamore in recognition of her burgeoning culinary skills. Scroll by: Baroness Anastasie de Lamoure.

Morgan Sycamore

Morgan receives a Silver Sycamore.

Madeline of Ballachlagan was named a companion of the Silver Buccle for her willingness to help others in both her Shire and Household. Scroll by: THL Suilean

Madeline Silver Buccle

Madeline receives a Silver Buccle.

Their Majesties called forth the youth present, and set them upon the task of finding the Kingdom Toy Chest being hidden at that moment, by Tristan.

The Honorable Lord Oliver Sutton was called forth and invested as the captain the Queen’s Guard.

Oliver Sutton Capt of Guard

THLord Oliver is made Captain of the Guard.

Maestro Antonio de Luna came forward and spoke of the day’s competition to determine the next Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion. He noted that all of the gentles who participated in the competition threw well, but in the end Lord Snorri skyti Bjarnson had proven victorious. Lord Snorri was called forth and invested as champion.

Before allowing Lord Snorri to take his place amongst their other champions, His Majesty noted that the Crown had further business with him. Their Majesties then created Lord Snorri a companion of the Golden Alce in recognition of his skills and service in both the Archery and Thrown Weapons disciplines. Scroll by: Baron Caleb Reynolds.

Snorri GA

Lord Snorri receives a Golden Alce.

Maestro Antonio begged a further moment in Their Majesties court to recognize gentles having achieved the Thrown Weapons rank of Huntsman. Baron Caleb Reynolds, Baron Edward Harbinger and THL Renata L’Rouge were so recognized. Sir Aquila d’Athos was also recognized as having achieved the Thrown Weapons Rank of Marksman.

Master Diego Muñoz de Castilla approached Their Majesties and presented them a blade to succeed the one carried by Her Majesty’s Rapier Champion. Master Diego reminded Their Majesties that the Countess Æthelmearc had first bestowed the now retired rapier, and suggested that it be returned to her. Their Majesties, finding this right and proper, summoned Countess Caryl Olesdottir, First Rose of Æthelmearc and Master Diego presented the blade to her.

Diego and Caryl

Master Diego returns the retired sword to Countess Caryl.

Baroness Sadira bint Wassouf came forward and renewed the fealty of the Barony of Thescorre to the Crown of Æthelmearc.

Sadira fealty

Baroness Sadira swears fealty.

Baron Magnus de Lyon and Baroness Muriel du Lac, came forward and renewed the fealty of the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael to the Crown of Æthelmearc.

Magnus and Miriel fealty

Baron Magnus and Baroness Miriel swear fealty.

Propraetor Marcus Claudius Cincinnatus and Propraetrix Desiderata Drake came forward and renewed the fealty of the Barony of Delftwood to the Crown of Æthelmearc.

Marcus and Desi fealty

Propraetor Marcus and Propraetrix Desiderata swear fealty.

For her service in coordinating garb for several Crowns of Æthelmearc, and stalwart leadership in the Shire of King’s Crossing, Mistress Chrestienne de Waterdene was named a Companion of the Keystone. Scroll by: Isabella Montoya.


Mistress Chestienne receives a Keystone.

Lady Ginevra Isabetta del Dolce came before Their Majesties and was given permission to award prizes to the winners of the days Arts & Sciences competition, THLady Elska Fjarfelli, and THLord Hrolf Fjarfelli.

Their Majesties retained Lady Ginevra in their court and spoke of her sewing, her work as Arts & Sciences minister, and newfound interest in Calligraphy. She was therefore created a companion of the Sycamore. Scroll by: Dona Alessandra Bentivegna da Faenza, called Yasmina, calligraphed by Sophie Davenport.

Ginevra Sycamore

Lady Ginevra receives a Sycamore.

In recognition of her many deeds helping with Pennsic setup, and service to the fencing community, Lady Alita of Hartstone was named a companion of the Keystone. Scroll by: Lady Gulsah Aydini.

Alita Keystone

Lady Alita receives a Keystone.

For his arts and his willingness to answer to His Majesty’s ‘science-y’ questions, Lord Marius Sittius was named a companion of the Sycamore. Scroll by: Sirina Milani.

Sittius Sycamore

Lord Marius Sittius receives a Sycamore.

Apollonia of Heronter was Awarded Arms and named a Lady of Their Majesty’s court in recognition of her infectious enthusiasm and being helpful at all turns. Scroll by: Duchess Dorinda Courtenay and Lady Ginevra Isabetta del Dolce.


Apollonia receives an AoA.

Lady Isabelle of Dunbar was named a companion of Keystone for her service to the Crown of Æthelmearc, and its heirs on behalf of her Shire over the course of years. Scroll by: THL Elyse le Bref.

Isabelle of Dunbar Keystone

Lady Isabelle receives a Keystone.

Lord Akayama Yatoru Kage’o, in recognition of the deadly accuracy with the throwing of pointed and bladed weapon. So fierce is his throw, Their Majesties noted, that even the handles of his aerial arsenal pierce the intended target, and so named him a companion of the Golden Alce. Scroll by: Baroness Rosemunde von Glinde.

Akayama Yatoru Kageo

Lord  Akayama Tatoru Kage’o receives a Golden Alce. 

Lord Mikus was inducted in to the order of the Keystone for his long hours of quiet service with broom and camera. Scroll by: Mistress Cori Ghora.

Mikus Keystone

Lord Mikus receives a Keystone.

Their Majesties then summoned Lord Angus the Bull. They spoke of Lord Angus’ prowess on the Heavy Weapons field and noted that they had not been the only ones to observe his skill. So speaking, Their Majesties summoned forth Their Order of the Gage, and commanded that Lord Angus be Granted Arms and made a Companion that august company. Scroll by: THL Mairghead.

Angus Gage

Lord Angus is inducted into the Gage.

Mistress Gillian Llewellyn of Ravenspur was commanded to present herself to Their Majesties. After remarking on Mistress Gillian’s skills with both needle and pen, Their Majesties presented her with a Writ of Summons. Further, she was commanded to appear before Them at a later date and answer whether she would accept elevation to the most noble Order of the Laurel. Writ by: THL Mary Elizabeth Clayson.

Gillian Laurel Writ

Mistress Gillian receives a Writ for the Laurel.

Their Majesties then called for The Honorable Lord Thorsol Solinauga. His Majesty inquired if Thorsol had sat vigil and if it was still his desire to join the Order of the Chivalry. His Lordship answered in the affirmative, and Their Majesties summoned forth the present members of the Order of Chivalry.

Duchess Etain ingen Dalaig stepped forward and offered words of support for Thorsol as a royal peer. She told all present of Thorsol’s ability to always see good in others, and his inner strength that inspires others.

Meisterrin Felicitas Flußmüllnerin then spoke as a member of the Laurel and attested to Thorsol’s desire to grown and learn. She explained that every time Thorsol asked her for new knowledge, he would work to learn it and then share with any who asked, and in so doing, grow himself.

Master Benedict Fergus atte Meade then addressed the court, and declared that he had seen Thorsol learn wisdom, had seen him share his knowledge, and be an ever dedicated defender of Æthelmearc and its lands.

Countess Caryl Olesdottir, Mistress of the Pelican, spoke to Thorsol’s willingness to serve in any way he could, stating that the question, “How can I help you?” was indeed, the very personification of Thorsol.

Duke Magnus Tindal, stood and addressed Thorsol’s worthiness to join the Order of the Chivalry. His Grace shared that Thorsol listens when advice is offered to him, and that he is ever willing to share his joy. Further, his Grace noted that no matter how much is asked of Thorsol, he will continue forward.

Having heard the words of Their Counselors, Their Majesties called for the ancestral chain and presented it to His Lordship. Duke Magnus Tindal, presented Thorsol with a personal chain. Sir Murdoch Bayne presented Thorsol with the spurs of a knight. Sir Beatrix Krieger placed the white belt of Chivalry about Thorsol’s waist. Kilauren placed a coat about her father’s shoulders, to warm him during his quests. Seeing Thorsol properly attired and prepared, His Majesty drew the Sword of State of Æthelmearc and dubbed Thorsol a knight of Æthelmearc and the Society.

Thorsol knighting

THLord Thorsol is knighted.

Sir Thorsol then rose, and received from His Majesty his last blow to be left unanswered. Finally, Their Majesties accepted the Oath of Fealty of Sir Thorsol Solinauga.

Scroll-Wordsmithing: Baron Fridrikr Tomasson; Calligraphy and Illumination: THL Abigail Kelhoge; Parchment created by: THLady Ayleth of Stormsport and THL Abigail Kelhoge.

Their Majesties then called forth Baron Dominic MacMorland, and asked him if he had sat vigil per Their Majesties wishes. His Excellency answered in the affirmative and indicated his desire to proceed.

Their Majesties then asked who would speak for Dominic. Duke Khalek Shurrag Od rose and spoke to the noble qualities of His Excellency. Count Robin Wallace, also as a royal peer, next rose and also affirmed Baron Dominic’s worthiness to be a peer of the society. Maestra Imigla Venture, Laurel, vouched for His Excellency’s artfulness and learning. Master Eric Grenier de Labarre, as a member of the Order of Defense, next gave words on behalf of Dominic’s abilities and willingness to defend Society, Kingdom, and those in need. Mistress Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina approached Their Majesties and vouched for the many acts of service of His Excellency. Countess Isabeau de l’Isle, Order of the Rose, next addressed the Court and verified Dominic’s quality and worthiness. Finally Viscount Edmond Dracatorr, Knight of the Society, came forward and declared His Excellency’s chivalric virtue and his readiness to stand as a peer of the realm.

Hearing these words, Their Majesties called for the Ancestral chain of Chivalry for the Kingdom of Æthelmearc. Sir Thorsol Solinauga brought forth the Chain and read the Chivalric lineage of Æthelmearc. Sir Michael of Northwood then presented Dominic with a personal chain of chivalry. Sir Michael and Viscount Edmond then strapped the spurs of a knight upon Dominic’s feet. Eleanor MacMorland placed a belt of white about Dominic’s waist.

His Majesty drew the sword of state and dubbed His Excellency Sir Dominic MacMorland. Sir Dominic then rendered his oath of fealty unto The Crown of Æthelmearc, and rose. Lastly, His Majesty delivered the last blow which Sir Dominic MacMorland, Knight, will leave unanswered.

Scroll by: Mistress by Mistress Roberta McMorland.

Dominic fealty

Sir Dominic swears fealty.

Their Majesties recognized the many scribes who had provided scrolls for the day’s awards.

Team Project Norse was recognized for their efforts and generosity in providing clothing for the Crown of Æthelmearc.

Maestro Antonio de Luna was named the Queen’s inspiration for the day.

Antonio Queen's inspiration

Master Antonio is named Queen’s Inspiration.

As Their Majesties prepared to close Their court, they were informed that an item of business had been overlooked, and so they demanded that Her Excellency, Countess Margerite Eisenwald, present herself before them. Their Majesties spoke of Her Excellency’s long service to both shire and kingdom. They spoke of her many efforts, particularly regarding the children of the Sylvan Kingdom, and her service as Seneschale of Æthelmearc. Having considered the length and breadth of Her Excellency’s good works, Their Majesties summoned also the Order of the Pelican and instructed them to counsel Countess Margerite on elevation to that Most Noble Order.

Margerite Pelican Writ

Countess Margerite receives a Writ for the Pelican.

Court Closed


Later that evening, Their Majesties later celebrated that His Grace, Duke Maynard von dem Steine, stood as victor of the Æthelmearc 500.

All photos by Lady Aine ny Allane.