Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Underdog….

No, its not Underdog, it’s the second installment of Flying Creatures!

Thinking back to the Wizard of Oz, I came up with” parachute pooch.”

First you need to make a basket. To do that, cut construction paper in to strips.

cutting paper strips

Take a paper plate and tape the strips to the bottom of the plate, then turn the plate over. Weave the paper like you would a basket.

Then, take a small plush dog and a cloth napkin, Tie the napkin to the dog with heavy cord to make a parachute and place him in the basket.

parachute pooch done

Now, this is why the basket is made of paper…..You hang the basket from the front of the witch’s broom from last month’s column. If the basket is hit by an arrow, the paper will tear and the pooch will parachute to the ground.

Pooch in basket

There are two ways to play: 1) You shoot to hit the basket so “Toto” can jump for freedom, or 2) shoot to miss the basket and hit the witch because you don’t want “Toto” to fall.

Either way, you will need a lot of baskets.

If you want to try this shot, it will be at the Castle Archery Muster on April 22 in the Debatable Lands.

This month’s safety tip: Time to check your bow string.

broken string

In this picture you can see this string has not been waxed in years. Even if it was waxed, there are two broken strands and the serving is worn out on one end. Warning DO NOT REPAIR, Get a new one.

In service,

THL Deryk Archer