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We’ve added even more classes this year!  Here is the most recent list of classes for the event this weekend.  As always, a full list of classes with descriptions will be available on our website, www.angelskeep.net.

Hoping to see lots of you on March 17, 2018!

All classes are one hour long unless otherwise noted.

  • Understanding tournament trees – Baroness Ekatarina Volkvolva
  • Parchment 101 – THL Abigail Kelhoge (2 hours)
  • WWDD – What Would Durer Do? An Intro to Fine Line Pen Work – Lady Gillian McGill
  • WWDD Studio – Lady Gillian McGill
  • Chain Stitch Bookbinding: How to Make a Simple Book – Lady Ulfgrimma Tannadottir
  • At a Loss for Words – Baroness Ekaterina Volkvolva
  • Faux Fonts and the Technique of Their Development – Master Jon Blaecston
  • Making a Quill Pen – THL Robert l’Etourdi   2 Hours
  • Demystifying the Ames Lettering Guide, or How to Line a Scroll the Easy Way – THL Juliana Stafford
  • A Beginner’s Introduction to the Swetnam Style of Fence – Don Michael Gladwyne
  • Building Better Scroll Blanks – THL Abigail Kelhoge
  • Winning Documentation for Scribal Entries – Mistress Alicia Langland (2 hours)
  • Youth Fencing: Participating/Marshaling – THL Gytha Oggsdottir
  • Creating & Sewing List-Legal Fencing Armor – How to design and construct, from just about any era. – Lady Fenris McGill
  • Body Mechanics – Efficient Fighting – Master Diego Munoz
  • Reading Your Opponent – Master Diego Munoz
  • Round Table Discussion: Rules – Don Diego Munoz
  • Parries Do’s & Don’ts – Pan Henryk Bogusz
  • Beginning Polish Saber – Pan Henryk Bogusz
  • Dagger for Dummies – Baron Benedict Fergus atte Mede
  • Pattern Books: a valuable tool in the past…and present? – Lady Felice de Thornton
  • Kokuji: Signature Seal Carving– Mistress Sǫlveig Þrándardóttir
  • Shūji: Taking the Brush – Japanese Calligraphy – Mistress Sǫlveig Þrándardóttir
  • Playing Well With Others – Lord Dragos Palaiologos
  • Melee Combat – Lord Dragos Palaiologos