As King Gareth made sure everyone in Æthelmearc knows, with His Majesty’s encouragement, a large contingent of our folks journeyed to the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann (Mississippi) to partake of the delights of Gulf Wars. Many of them have reported back, and here’s some of what they’re saying.

It’s been unusually cooooooold

Pippi pajamas

THLady Pippi models her polar fleece pajamas. Photo by THL Elaine Fairchilde.

Campers have endured overnight temps in the 30s and woken to frost in the morning. Baroness Kelda Jurgensdottir recounts wearing every stitch of wool she brought to sleep in at night, while THLady Pippi Ulfsdotter sported a fashionable polar fleece pajama onesie. Fortunately, day time temps have been comfortable, but many campers found it difficult to leave their sleeping bags in the mornings.

Opening ceremonies were awesome

As is traditional at Gulf Wars, the Kings and Queens rode in to Opening Ceremonies on horseback followed by their populace bearing banners. King Gareth and Queen Juliana were then heralded into the fort by Lord Christian Goldenlok.

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Photos by THL Elaine Fairchilde and THL Silence de Cherbourg

Folks from Æthelmearc are enjoying lots of martial activities

Fencers and fighters from Æthelmearc have competed in a variety of tournaments, including the Diamond Tourney and the Rose Tourney, and been noted for their prowess and courtesy.

Countess Elena d’Artois said “Kudos to THLord Madison Morai, THLord Edward Blackthorne, called Nugg, and THLord Ardenn Scott for their display of chivalry, grace, comportment, and prowess in the Rose tourney today. Ardenn was recognized by the Roses in his round robin pool for outstanding chivalry and he advanced to the final 8.”

Photos of the Rose Tourney sponsors and competitors by Countess Elena d’Artois

A number of our heavy fighters also competed in the Viking Deed. His Majesty crafted Viking Helmets and procured chainmail for several combatants to improve their appearance especially for this battle.

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Viking Deed photos by THL Silence de Cherbourg

Fighters also joined some of the traditional Gulf Wars battles, like the Ravine battle.

Ravine battle

Photo by THLady Elaine Fairchilde

On the fencing field, Countess Elena also noted that “Don Jacob Dunmore represented Æthelmearc in the Diamond tourney. He was bested only after extended exchanges with a fierce competitor! It was a joy to watch the chess match with swords.” Countess Elena also said that Lord Mathias Al Tabai placed 3rd in the Everyman Tourney.

Fencer selfies by Countess Elena and Mistress Illadore

Her Excellency, who was our Kingdom’s Rapier Warlord for Gulf Wars, reports that Æthelmearc’s fencers also had a significant impact in the outcomes of several rapier battles.

Photos of a rapier battle by THL Silence de Cherbourg

On Thursday, Countess Elena won the Ladies’ Rapier Tourney, while Lord Niccolo Salvietti was named most courteous in the Trimaris 30-minute Bear Pit Tourney, and Team Murder Snowflake (Countess Elena, Don Jacob, Lord Niccolo, Lord Mathias, and Countess Grania of Trimaris to round out the team) took third in the Atlantian 5-man melee team tourney.

Our Siege team, including Duke Christopher Rawlins, THLady Elaine Fairchilde, Brehyres Gwendolyn the Graceful, Fuji’na Dono no Takako, and Sir Maghnus de Cnoc an Iora,  brought a ballista to Gulf Wars and participated in the Siege weapon competition as well as some battles.

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Photos of the Siege crew by THLady Silence and THLady Elaine

The Moneyers Guild started striking coins

Earl Byron of Haverford, co-head of the Moneyers’ Guild with Master Anias Fenne, brought out some slugs and dies made by Master Anias for new coins honoring the upcoming reign of Prince Sven and Princess Siobhan. Everyone in the Kingdom camp got a chance to strike some coins.

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Photos by THLady Pippi Ulfsdotter

There’s lots of food!

Once again, Mistress Illadore de Bedegrayne has coordinated meals for the Kingdom camp (in between rapier tourneys and battles) with a crew of able assistants.

Left: Mistress Illadore with Baroness Kelda, Right: members of the kitchen crew. Photos by Mistress Illadore de Bedegrayne.

Meanwhile, Master Alastar Scott MacCrummin’s GodeBakery, staffed by numerous gentles from Æthelmearc including Baron Brandubh o Donnghaile, Lady Rivka bat Daniyel, Lady Kattera Dopplerin, Lady Alicia de Berwic, and THLord Jorundr hinn Rotinn, has done brisk business as always.


THLord Jorundr hinn Rotinn serves hungry guests at the GodeBakery. Photo by Lady Alicia de Berwic.

Heavy rains on Friday have postponed and potentially canceled some activities.

Safe travels to everyone as they return home from Gleann Abhann!

Story compiled by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope, with thanks to all the gentles who provided information and photos!