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Monks in Cellar

Monks in a cellar. Joseph Haier 1816-1891, via Wikimedia Commons

The Shire of Kings Crossing has conspired to bring you yet another fun activity hosted at this year’s annual Kings Crossing Birthday B(R)all on October 27th. This event will be tavern-themed, the perfect setting for a brewing competition! The event is held at the Chartiers Community Center, 2013 Community Center Drive, Houston, PA 15342. Site opens at 9AM and closes at 6PM. The day promises to be filled with many other activities including a gold chain tournament, fencing, cut and thrust, archery, thrown weapons, A&S Displays, classes, round table discussions, and the obligatory bar maiden races.

The competition is open to all home-brewed beverages. This will not be a single category, but rather a “best of show” format. All brew types will be judged together under the same rubric, which is the 60 point judging rubric using the AEthelmearc A&S approved brewing criteria. This places emphasis on Documentation, Authenticity, Complexity, Creativity, Workmanship and Aesthetics. An example form can be found here: http://brewers.aethelmearc.org/60ptRubric.pdf. The competition will be actively judged by a panel of judges.

Deadline for entry is October 27th at 11AM. The entry form can be found at the AEthelmearc Brewer’s Guild website: http://brewers.aethelmearc.org/EntryForm.pdf. Hard copies of the form will be available on location as well. Judging will start at 1:00PM sharp.

Detail of People Drinking

Detail of people drinking, from a treatise on the Seven Vices, Add MS 27695, f. 14r

Lord Jodocus “Joost” van Cleeff will be the acting steward of the competition, you may contact him via email (joost.vandekloof@gmail.com) to submit your entry form or any questions regarding the competition

In addition to the brewing competition there will also be a round table discussion geared towards those that are new to brewing, or those that would like to start brewing, but may not have a solid foundation to start.

Below are links to two wonderful documents written by THL Elska á Fjárfella that may help to inspire your entry:



A couple of important notes: as per PA state law no distilled beverages are permitted in this competition, and contestants will need to supply their own wine chillers if needed.

We look forward to many excellent entries that exhibit the dedication and craftsmanship of the competitors.

Heer (Lord) Jodocus “Joost” van Cleeff
The Shire of Kings Crossing
The Society for Creative Anachronism