Heavy fighters beware, a new menace has been growing on the horizon!

When you least expect it, an enemy will strike you down and dance triumphantly on your still-warm corpse!

We refer, obviously, to youth fighters. Their numbers have been increasing over the past year, such that they now threaten adult fighters throughout the Kingdom. In this photo, a bloodthirsty 8-year-old has taken Master Morien MacBain’s legs and is moving in for the kill.

D1 v sparring partner

Here, a rampaging kindergartner exults over the body of his dead opponent, Lord Torstein Thorgrimsson.

Elijah beats Torstein

And here, two 12-year-olds are backing Duke Timothy of Arindale into a corner, preparing to slay him in cold blood.

Jazzy and Fox vs. Timothy

Heavy fighters, don’t let this happen to you!

Surrender to the youth fighters before it’s too late!

Happy April Fool’s Day from the Gazette Staff!