This month’s On Target is a pirate ship, or “Shipmates, beware of these treacherous waters, there be Pi-Ratz afloat!”

I always wanted to do a pirate ship, but to make it a little cuter, I decided to use rats as the crew.

I keep old, beat-up targets around to use as stencils. Using four sheets of cardboard and one sheet of Coroplast, make the target 52 inches long and 20 inches tall. Clamp all the cardboard and the Coroplast together, then drill some holes and use zip ties to attach them to each other.

Draw the ship and the rats, making the rats different sizes. I have them left to right and largest to smallest. Paint the sky, the water, the rats, and the boat. I used magic marker to put the planks on the boat. Make the rats different colors and give them googly eyes.

Painting rats

I found sticky-backed letters that I used to christen the ship.

Remember to add wires to the base so it will stand on its own. I found a broom handle to use as a mast. Put the mast close to the back to the ship to help take up the shock of the incoming arrows.


Finally, I used a bandana to make a pirate flag.

Completed target

This is a fun target for all ages. Give everybody six shots to hit all five rats 🐀.

This month’s safety tip: Archery season is about to start up! There will be new people on the line and, perhaps, new marshals. Don’t ever be afraid to ask a question, and make sure you understand the rules of the range.

In service,

THLord Deryk Archer