By Baroness Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina (Chris Adler-France)

Zinoviia Ivanova’s winning photo, in the posed category, of Sir Ruslan.

Have you ever snapped a photo at an event that looked like it was a medieval painting come to life?

Duchess Dorinda Courtenay wants your photos!

Specifically, she wants your entries for the Summer A.S. 53 Photography contest, an unofficial, fun competition she created due to her personal desire to encourage citizens of Æthelmearc to share photographs that remind us of the time periods we celebrate.

A couple of years ago, Her Grace was scrolling through Facebook and saw a particularly lovely photo of Drachenwald’s Twelfth Night.

“It was more like a painting than a photo, and it really highlighted how a beautiful photo could show the magic of what we do. I wanted to recognize those who used their skills to best display the arts of the kingdom. To do that, I started this contest!”

Orlando di Bene del Vinta’s winning photo, in the posed category, of Cairdha O’Coileain.

This is the third randomly scheduled contest; Her Grace has sponsored one roughly every nine months. The first contest received over 40 entries, while the second one received over 30. Her Grace noted that some gentles entered five photos and some only one.

As in the past contests, AEthelmearc citizens are welcome to enter up to five photos – candid or posed — in the contest on the Facebook group page, AEthelmearc Summer A.S. 53 Photography Contest. (Please post the photos, rather than sharing them to the group, and make each photo its own post so that the judges – Master Orlando, Master Raev, and Her Grace can find them more easily when judging.)

Vidarr Hrafnsson’s winning photo in the candid category.

Entrants who have submitted five photos and wish to submit a better photo may do so, but must remove one of their previous photos from the Facebook page.

She urges entrants to avoid including or to crop out cars, fire extinguishers, soda cans, and other modern items from their entries, so that we can “share the magic of old times through modern technology.”

“Photos will be judged not only for standard photographic excellence, but also how much they evoke the time we study,” she added.

All of the photos remain the sole property of the photographer and cannot be used without her/his permission.

When is the deadline for this contest? June 1.

“We really want people too enter, and we really want them to focus on eliminating the modern. We look forward to you all sharing your memories with us in this forum.”