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All photos by Oriography.

Being the Court report of their Excellencies, Magnus and Miriel, Baron and Baroness of the Rhydderich Hael, held at the Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon on April 14, AS 52 (2018 CE) as reported by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, Ice Dragon Pursuivant, with the assistance of THL Zosia Kowalewsak, Hael Stone Pursuivant, and Lady Siobhan Readnait.

Their Excellencies thanked all those that attended the event and asked that they give a thought to the Barony and those that we had lost recently.

Catalina was then called before them. Her Excellency spoke of how Catalina came to the Barony with great enthusiasm and has helped with Pennsic camp set-up and eagerly taken to siege weaponry and heavy combat. The Order of the Dragons Concordium was then called forth to welcome the newest member. Scroll by THL Minamoto Kumamoto Sakurako.

Their Excellencies then asked that the Order of the Dragons Combatant come into court. His Excellency noticed the Order was smaller than he thought it should be. Lord Tadgh Mag Uidhir was then invited into court. His Excellency spoke of how currently serves as Baronial Heavy Weapons Champion, is always one of the first in armor at practice and one of the last ones out of it and it was only right and fitting that he be added to this august order. Scroll illuminated by Lady Curia Epicurius and calligraphed by THL Brigette de Sainte Mere-Eglise.

Mistress Juliana Rosalia Dolce da Siena was then asked to come before the court.  His Excellency spoke of how sometimes there are those long-standing members of the Barony who everyone thinks has been recognized for their skills and he was shocked to learn that Mistress Juliana was one such person. Her skills in scroll illumination, teaching, and running the Baronial Scribal Guild were too important to go unrecognized. The Order of the Golden Bee was then called forth and asked to welcome her into their ranks. Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds.

Not satisfied, Their Excellencies asked the Order to bide a moment and called before them Baroness Ekaterina Volkova. His Excellency once again commented that he had been surprised to learn that she had not been a member of the Order before this and said that this needed to be remedied immediately as he doubted that the majority of those attending court did not have a scroll from her on their walls. Scroll by Mistress Juliana Rosalia Dolce da Siena and THL Padraig o’Branduibh.

Their Excellencies then called for the marshals for the day’s martial activities. Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope, youth combat marshal for the day, first thanked those marshals that assisted her with the tourney. Five youth fighters participated in a round-robin style tournament. Fritz was declared the overall winner and was given first choice of duct tape as his prize. Mistress Arianna then said that two participants were voted the most chivalrous and asked that Adrian and Quint come forth and pick their prizes of duct tape.

Don Behrend von Elmendorf, fencing marshal for the day, first thanked all who assisted him, most especially the mistresses of the list and announced that 42 fencers participated in a bear pit-style tournament. In the end, Don Jacob Martinson was announced the winner. He was presented with a large bar of chocolate and a scroll by Curia Epicurius.

Lord Chebe then spoke of the heavy weapons tournament for the day. He first asked that Mistress Ysabeau Tiercelin assist him with recognizing the artist side of the tournament. She announced that the overall winner of the artistic portion was Master Kieran MacRae. His Highness Sven was declared to have drawn the best Nature Drawing. The Most Fun Drawing was produced by Lord Laegair. Sir Beatrix Krieger provided the Most Geometric Drawing. The best rendition of Trogdor was by Lord Cormac. And special consideration was given to Lord Richard Larmer for his Best Period Winged-Inappropriate Drawing. Lord Chebe then announced that Duke Sir Maynard von dem Steine was the overall winner of the combat portion of the tournament. He was awarded a sword and mace with a scroll by Fearghus mac Eoin.

Lady Ysabeau de Comport then came into court and thanked Lord Chebe for all his work stepping in as marshal and helping wherever needed and gave him a token for embodying the spirit of Master Giuseppe and THL Wolfgang.

Their Excellencies then spoke of the amazing artistic showing that was displayed in the Arts and Sciences competition.

THL Ian Campbell of Glen Mor was named Monarchs’ Choice for his entry of a leather pouch. Scroll by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

THL Elska a Fjarfelli was named Highnesses’ Choice for her entry of a Viking apron. Scroll by THL Eleanore Godwin.

The Baron and Baroness selected THL Ishiyama Gen’tarou Yori’ie and his men’s Japanese clothing as Their choice.  Scroll by Caleb Reynolds.

Baroness Ekaterina Volkova was then called into court. Her Excellency spoke of the long work that Ekaterina has done serving the Barony as pursuivant, but word has come that her services are need elsewhere. Her Excellency Ekaterina was then released from her office with the blessings of the Barony. However, this left a position open. THL Zofia Kowalewska was called forth and invested with the regalia and title of Ice Dragon Pursuivant.

Court of Their Excellencies was then suspended while the final score results of the Pentathlon was tabulated.

Later in the evening court was reopened and the following announcements were made:

Lady Thalia Papillon was selected as winner of the special prize category of the Arts & Sciences competition.

Mistress Elska a Fjarfelli was named winner of the 5:1.

Hanna was named Youth 2 winner for her illuminated scrolls.

Simon a Fjarfelli was named Youth 1 winner.

Third Place in the Pentathlon was awarded to Lady Meabh ni Cleirigh. Scroll by Master Dagonell Collingwood.

Lady Cristina inghean Ghriogair was awarded Second Place in the Pentathlon.  Scroll by Lord Rhys Penbras ap Dafydd.

It was then announced that THL Hrolf a Fjarfelli was the overall winner of the Ice Dragon Arts and Sciences Pentathlon. Scroll by Mistress Sthurrim Caithness.

It was announced that individual category winners would be posted in the Pent room and all participants should report there to pick up their score sheets and prizes.

Court was then closed.