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Here continues the Record of the Reign of Gareth and Juliana, King and Queen of Sylvan Æthelmearc at the Region 1 Twelfth Night Celebration, January 27, AS 52, in Their Shire of Misty Highlands; as recorded by Lord Arias Beltran del Valle, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, with the assistance of Her Ladyship Katharine McClung, Millrind Herald, as well as Lady Ragna Haakonardottir, and Lady Nichola Beese.

In Their first court in the morning:

Donnchadh to vigil

THLord Donnchadh is sent to vigil

Their Majesties first invited before them the members there present of Their Most Noble Order of the Pelican. Upon consultation, the Order informed Their Majesties that one person was missing from their number, and they asked that this be corrected.

Their Majesties then summoned before them His Lordship Donnchadh Dubhglas.  Having previously been given a writ to contemplate elevation to the Most Noble Order of the Pelican, Their Majesties then asked him if it was still his intent to join that august Order, which his Lordship confirmed.

Before sending him to vigil, Their Majesties asked that he be unencumbered by other commitments. So did Countess Elena d’Artois come forth and release his Lordship from his bond with her. His Majesty then accepted his Lordship’s squire belt from Count Jehan de la Marche to hold in safety until such time as his Excellency was present.

These things having been done, the Order then conveyed Donnchadh to the place prepared for his vigil.

Court was then suspended until the afternoon.


In the afternoon:

Their Majesties first asked for a moment of silence to honor the memory of His Lordship Wolfgang Starke, well known and loved by many throughout the Sylvan Lands, who had recently passed.

As has been Their tradition, Their Majesties then invited those attending their first event in the society to come forward and receive a drinking vessel to take with them as they continue their journey in the Society. Seeing the energy with which many of the new members had thrown themselves into the activities of the day, His Majesties also awarded certain of them with sets of feast gear for their participation on the day.

First event

Gentles attending their first event receive drinking vessels from Their Majesties.

Their Majesties then invited the event autocrat, Lord Fiachna mac Cennetig, to speak about the day’s activities. Lord Fiachna thanked Their Majesties and the populace for attending, and with the assistance of those running each event, named the winners of the various competitions held throughout the day.

Their Majesties then called for the presence of Isabetta Simona da Murano. As a member of Their Majesties’ home shire, They have personally seen how Isabetta has worked to support her shire and take on a greater role in its activities, from making her garb, to assisting in the kitchens, and taking on work as a retainer. For these efforts were They moved to Award her Arms and named her a Lady of Their Court.  Scroll by THL Phelippe Ulfsdotter.

Isabetta AoA

Isabetta receives her AoA.

Their Majesties then called for the autocrat, Lord Fiachna to appear before Them once again. Their Majesties spoke to Lord Fiachna about the good humor and comportment for which he is known to many, and his gift for making and maintaining fast friendships and welcoming new members into Their home shire. He has also helped to secure sites for practice, and has made himself available to those in need of help.  In recognition of his courtesy and spirit did they name him to Their Order of the Cornelian. Scroll by Master Ælric Ravenshaw.

Fiachna Cornelian

Lord Fiachna receives a Cornelian

Lord Aydamur ibn abd Allah was next summoned before Their Majesties. Word had reached Their ears of his noblest of actions when faced with a grave injustice by a peer of the realm, acting to protect those at risk by said peer. His actions brought this injustice to light, and defended those affected by it. For this selfless action did Their Majesties deem him a gentle of great honor, and so added him to the number of the Order of the Cornelian, in an action applauded by the populace gathered that day.  Scroll by Lady Rivka bat Daniyel.

Aydamur Cornelian

Lord Aydamur receives a Cornelian

Their Majesties invited Master Alaxandair O’Conchobhair to appear before them.  Their Majesties spoke to the populace of the efforts of Master Alaxandair in the office of the webminister, both for the Kingdom and Their reign staff. He is also responsible for the creation of the new fighter and marshal database. For these, among his other tireless efforts to support the Kingdom, was he given an Award of Excellence by Their Majesties. Scroll by Baroness Cecily of Whitehaven.

Alaxandair Excellence

Master Alaxandair receives an Award of Excellence

Her Ladyship Astridr Vigaskegg was next summoned to Their Majesties’ presence. They thanked her for her efforts in keeping the Crown well fed, and for her willingness to assist in setup where needed no matter where she might be found. For all of these efforts and more was she, too, awarded by Their Majesties with an Award of Excellence. Scroll by THL Aibell Suil-uaine.

Astridr Excellence

THLady Astridr receives an Award of Excellence

Their Majesties then called for the co-autocrat of the day, Lord Olaf Stenbrjoter to attend them again. His Majesty spoke about the effort and attention to detail put into Lord Olaf’s garb, presenting before those who see him the true image of a Viking. For this attention to detail and accuracy was he awarded a Golden Stirrup. Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds with calligraphy by Baroness Graidhne ni Ruaidh.

Olafr Golden Stirrup

Lord Olafr receives a Golden Stirrup

Her Ladyship Katharine McClung was then called before Their Majesties. Their Majesties noted her Ladyship’s long history of service to the Kingdom and to her home Barony, acting as baronial herald, helping with events, and greeting newcomers, all over a career of more than two decades. For this work, did they grant unto her an Award of Excellence. Scroll by THL Aibell Suil-uaine.

Kathryn McClung Excellence

THLady Katharine receives an Award of Excellence

Their Majesties then summoned before them Lord John Augustine Stag.  As a member of Their home shire, Their Majesties spoke of the prowess he displays in the fencing lists as the victor of many tournaments, and for his devotion to practices in Misty Highlands. For his efforts in the arts martial was he named to the Order of the Golden Alce. Scroll by Lady Luca da Cola.

John Augustine Stag Golden Alce

Lord John receives a Golden Alce

Lord Ragnar Gunnolfsson was then called to Their Majesties after being relieved from his duties in the tavern. As had Lord Stag before him, Lord Ragnarr has demonstrated his fencing prowess time and again, and marshals and runs local fencing practices.  For his efforts in supporting the fencing community and his skill with the rapier was he too named to the Order of the Golden Alce. Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds will calligraphy by Baroness Graidhne ni Ruaidh.

Ragnar Gunnolfsson Golden Alce

Lord Ragnar receives a Golden Alce

Their Majesties then summoned Their Captain of the Guard, His Lordship Oliver Sutton before them. They spoke of a gentle present on the day who They required to answer some serious charges. So, following orders recalling the Kingdom 12th Night did His Lordship and other guards retrieve Lady McKenna Henderson from her duties in the kitchen. While retrieving Lady McKenna, Mistress Maria Christina de Cordoba appeared before Their Majesties to have words with her protégé as she was retrieved.

McKenna charges

Lady McKenna faces charges, then receives a Millrind

Upon her arrival, both Their Majesties and Mistress Maria spoke Lady McKenna on the serious nature of the charges levied against her. His Majesty then demanded she face her accusers, and so was Their Noble Order of the Millrind called to attend them. All those present in court had noted Lady McKenna’s tireless service as Army Secretary, on many a reign staff, as a shire officer and providing assistance at events. Her title no longer deemed fitting for her station, Their Majesties did add her into the number of that Noble Order. Scroll by Lady Gulsah Aydini.

His Lordship Donnchadh Dubhglas was once again called before Their Majesties.  Having sat vigil during the day, They asked his Lordship if it was still his wish to join the number of Their Most Noble Order of the Pelican. Confirming his wish that it be so, Their Majesties then called forth the members of that order, before asking for words from the peers of Their realm on His Lordship’s worthiness for elevation.

Countess Elena d’Artois spoke first as a member of the Order of the Rose. She spoke well of the nurturing spirit he brings to those he meets.  He can guide those around him to success with a well-placed word, and has gained the respect of his community and his shire in the process.

Count Sir Jehan de la Marche then spoke of his time with his squire, offering a verse to the populace telling of his prowess on the field, and his leadership of not one but two shires when that leadership was needed.

Donnchadh with Jehan

Count Jehan addresses his now former squire, THLord Donnchadh

Mistress Chrestienne de Waterdene next spoke as a member of the Order of the Laurel. She shared words about his devotion to the artisan community by encouraging arts activities and by creating more opportunities for those events to happen. He also has worked for authenticity in many of his personal endeavors, from fencing to garb.

As a Master of Defense, Master Annanias Fenne then spoke to the populace of Donnchadh’s skill with a sword. He is known to educate those around him in an effort to improve those desirous of bettering themselves, and betters the Kingdom in the process.

Finally, Master Ælric Ravenshaw spoke as a member of the Order of the Pelican.  Master Ælric spoke of the service provided by His Lordship Donnchadh for the 29 years of his membership in the Society, a time which included terms as seneschal, marshal, chatelaine, and chronicler, as well as helping to found two chapters nearby and growing the cut and thrust community, and even serving in the military during his few breaks from the SCA.

Having heard the words of the peers of Their Kingdom, Their Majesties saw Donnchadh invested with the regalia and symbols of the Order before confirming him as a companion of the Pelican. Scroll by Her Ladyship Ismay Ponde.

Donnchadh swears fealty

Master Donnchadh swears fealty

Their Majesties then called for the presence of Her Ladyship Ismay Ponde, who came before them escorted by her lord, Count Sir Jehan de la Marche. Their Majesties spoke fondly of Her Ladyship’s long history of service to the Kingdom as a scribe and calligrapher for many a scroll handed out to award those gentles deemed to be deserving of them by many reigns. Her service to the dream had not gone unnoticed, and so did they deem it correct and proper that she be named a Baroness of Their Court.  The coronet was placed upon her head by Count Jehan, who thanked Their Majesties for the opportunity, having been unable to place such on his lady’s head in the past. Scroll by THL Phelippe Ulfsdotter, with calligraphy by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix.

Ismay court barony

Count Jehan places the Baroness’ coronet on his lady’s head

Her Majesty then rose to speak about the many sights She had seen that day that inspired her. From the heavy fighters to the fencers, to the feats of strength and the artisans displaying their work, the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship was evident through the whole day. However, one lady stood out about the rest, and so did Her Majesty then call for Lady Charlotte Starke and name her as Queen’s Inspiration for the day, awarding her the Golden Escarbuncle.

Charlotte Stark Golden Escarbuncle

Lady Charlotte Starke is named Queen’s Inspiration and receives a Golden Escarbuncle

Court was once again suspended


During feast that evening:

Their Majesties bid the populace attend Their words as they had further business amongst them.

Adelyn Cornelian

Lady Adelyn receives a Cornelian

They summoned before them Lady Adelyn Idesborn, who had returned victorious against an explosion most foul that prevented her presence in Their court earlier that afternoon. Lady Adelyn’s disposition as polite, courteous, and helpful had been evident to them from her arrival within the society. She can often be seen helping to organize projects behind the scenes of an event, and showing largesse to many in the process.  For her displays of courtesy in many forms  was she too named to the Order of the Cornelian. by THL Phelippe Ulfsdotter with calligraphy by THL Shirin of Susa.

There being no further business before Them, the Court of Their Majesties was then concluded.

All photos courtesy of Lady Aine ny Allane.