Herein is the report of the Courts of Sven and Siobhan, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, on the occasion of Their Coronation held on April 21, AS 52 (2018) in the Shire of Herontir, submitted by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald.

Morning Court:

Their Majesties called before them the assembled Greater Officers of the Realm and accepted their fealty.

Sadira baronial fealty

Baroness Sadira swears fealty on behalf of Thescorre. Photo by Lady Amalie Reinhardt.

The Barons and Baronesses of the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands, Thescorre, The Rhydderich Hael, Blackstone Mountain, and St. Swithins Bog came forth individually and swore fealty to the crown.

Their Majesties then asked for, and received, the oaths from the Royal Peers, Order of the Chivalry, Order of the Laurel, Order of the Pelican, and the Order of Defense.

Their Majesties, upon noticing that Their Court was lacking in support, called before them the Royal Household, asked that they serve Them for the Reign.  Upon confirmation, the Royal Household was asked to take their place in court.

Sir Beatrix Krieger, Captain of the Royal Guard, was called forth and offered her oath and the service of the Guard to protect and serve Their Majesties for the duration of Their Reign.

Beatrix Captain of Guard

Sir Beatrix swears fealty as Captain of the Queen’s Guard. Photo by Baron Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg.

Their Majesties then asked for the presence of Sir Gareth Kincaid and Mistress Juliana Delamare.  His Majesty spoke of the dedicated service Sir Gareth gave to Æthelmearc over the last many months.  For his hard work Sir Garth was elevated to the rank of Count of Æthelmearc.  Scroll forthcoming by Isabella Montoya.

Sven crowns Gareth Count

King Sven invests Gareth with a County coronet. Photo by Master Alaxandair O’Conchobhair.

Her Majesty said that She and others had business with Mistress Juliana. Her Majesty spoke of the grace and inspiration with which Mistress Juliana ruled the lands during her reign. The Ladies of the Rose and Garnet were then called forth to welcome her into the Order of the Rose and celebrate her elevation to the rank and title of Countess.  Scroll by Melissa Anne the Artisan.

It was then announced that Their Majesties would be sitting in state and it was hoped that all would enjoy the activities of the day.

Court was then suspended.

Evening Court, with the assistance of Brehyres Gwendolyn the Graceful.

It was announced that Their Majesties request no flash photography during Their courts.

It was announced that Derek Holton, known in the Society as Bluestar, is expelled from participation in any SCA activity.

It was announced that Matthew Gibson, known in the Society as Tegrinus de Rhina, is expelled from participation in any SCA activity.

His Majesty then spoke of the youth of the Kingdom and how they are an inspiration to all, but We understand that Court can sometimes be long.  As such, they have set up a toy box in the back of the room where they might pick a toy to entertain themselves with during court and invited all children present to seek it out.

The Order of the White Scarf begged a boon for time in court. Baron Benedict Fergus atte Mede told Her Majesty that tradition holds that the Order of the White Scarf takes the field in Her Honor and asked that she join them as an honorary member of the Order. Her Majesty joyfully accepted the position. She was then presented with a White Scarf handwoven and designed in the style of Her own artistic research.  Baroness Helene Mutzhazenin was called forth to be thanked for her work in the construction of the scarf.

Siobhan white scarf

The White Scarves bestow a scarf on Queen Siobhan. Photo by Lady Amalie.

Master Jussi Laplein, Kingdom Heavy Weapons Champion, was called before Their Majesties to speak of the tournament that was held during the day. While many worthy fighters came forth to claim the title, it was THL Oliver Sutton that won the right to be called the next Kingdom Heavy Weapons Champion.  Scroll by Countess Anna Leigh.

Oliver Sutton

THLord Oliver Sutton is named Kingdom Heavy Weapons Champion. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Their Majesties remarked that it has come to their attention that They were in possession of something that belongs to one of Their subjects. They called forth Jing Hao or one who could convey to the item to him. Duchess Dorinda took on the task to delivery this good gentle’s Award of Arms scroll from the days of King Byron and Queen Ariella.

It was then requested that Richard of Herontir and Jane of Herontir come into Court. Their Majesties then spoke of the enthusiasm that both had for the SCA and how they seemed to jump in feet first. He was a dedicated fencer and generous volunteer. She has been witnessed to encouraging the arts and sciences and expressing her love of being a seamstress to all who would listen. For this and more both were Awarded Arms.  Scrolls by THL Phelippe Ulfsdotter.

Richard and Jane AoAs

Richard and Jane of Heronter receive their AoAs. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Their Majesties then asked for any for whom this was their first time attending Æthelmearc Court to come forth. Many dignitaries from foreign lands came into court to accept tokens from the hands of Their Majesties with hopes that they will come again to experience the Sylvan Kingdom’s hospitality.

Her Majesty asked that the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc come before her. She then asked that those in the audience to please look around and take note if there was someone they thought should be in the Order and if so, please send in recommendations.

With the Order present, THL Eleanore Godwin was called into Court. Her Majesty spoke of the length of time that She has known this good lady and how in all that time her dedication to the arts, especially the Scribal Arts, has been unwavering. For her skill and dedication she was inducted into the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc. Scroll by THL Vivienne of Yardley.

Eleanore Godwin Fleur

THLady Eleanore receives a Fleur. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Not satisfied that the Order was complete, Their Majesties requested the presence of Lady Maggie Rue. His Majesty spoke of her extensive knowledge in herbal lore and how it both heals and hurts, of how she runs not only the Herbalists and Apothecary Guild but also Æthelmearc’s Assassin’s Guild. For all this she was Granted Arms and inducted into the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc. Scroll by Nichola Beese.

Rue Fleur

Lady Maggie Rue receives a Fleur. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Their Majesties then demanded that Lord Tronose Modoc present himself before them. After he was evicted from the kitchen, it was discussed how it seems he is always found somewhere, helping. He lifts things, builds things, makes things, and feeds people. Such behavior needed to be addressed. He was then inducted into the Order of the Millrind and Granted Arms. Scroll by THL Edana the Red.

Tronose Modoc Millrind

Lord Tronose receives a Millrind. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Before dismissing the Order of the Millrind, Her Majesty again asked the audience to take note if there were any that they believed should be part of the order and to please let Them know.

THL Keinwen Ragnarsdottir was then asked to come out of the kitchens and attend Their Majesties. It was said that she is a long-standing member of the Shire of Herontir, who helps welcome new people and helps to grow the Society and the Kingdom with her open and generous nature. For this she was presented with an Award of Excellence and an arm ring to remember the occasion. Scroll by THL Phelippe Ulfsdotter.

Keinwen award of Excellence

THLady Keinwen receives an Award of Excellence. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Countess Marguerite Eisenwald, Event Steward for the day, spoke her of her gratitude to the Shire of Herontir and the many members of her staff, without whom the event would not have been possible. His Majesty asked that she please convey his tokens to those members of her staff along with the gratitude of Their Majesties.

Lord Robert of Hawksworth was then summoned into court. Her Majesty spoke of how Lord Robert was one of the key members of the event staff, stepping in when the autocrat’s attention needed to be in many places at once. He was always doing something.  For all of this and more, he was named Queen’s Inspiration for the day and presented with a token.

Robert Hawksworth Inspiration

Lord Robert is named Queen’s Inspiration. Photo by Lady Amalie.

There being no further business, the Court of Their Majesties was closed.