Herein is the report of the Court of Sven and Siobhan, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, held on April 28, AS 52 (2018) at Blackstone Raid in the Barony of Blackstone Mountain, submitted by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, assisted by THL Kathryn MacLuing, Millrind Herald and Count Jehan de la Marche.

Their Majesties invited His Royal Majesty King Cellach of the Middle and his Heirs Prince Alric and Princess Katherine to join them.

It was requested that the populace please refrain from flash photography during Court and thanked for their understanding.

Their Excellencies were then granted leave to hold their court.

Ichi and Cerridwen

Baron Ichijo and Baroness Cerridwen hold their court.

When Kingdom Court resumed, His Majesty spoke of the excellent fighting and wonderful hospitality they experienced during the day.

Her Majesty then invited the children of the Court to partake of the toy box that was set up at the side of the hall.


The children are invited to seek toys from the toy chest.

Count Jehan de la Marche then swore his fealty to the Crown, which was happily accepted by Their Majesties.

Jehan fealty

Count Jehan swears fealty.

All those present who had not yet had a chance were offered the ability to come forth and swear fealty as well.

Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion, Lord Snori skyti Bjarnson was invited forth to speak of the tournament held.  It was then announced that Godfrey de Bayeaux was named the new Æthelmearc Thrown Weapons Champion. Scroll by Lady Briana de Mendoza.

TW champs

Lord Godfrey, right, receives the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion regalia from Lord Snorri.

It was then asked if Monkey was in the hall. Though he was not present, His Majesty wanted the Court to see the work of the scribe. The Award of Arms scroll by THL Luceta di Cosimo and Lady Nichola Beese was then read and shown to all present.

Their Majesties then invited before them Donna Masina D’Assandro and David of Misty Highlands. She has become known for beautiful works of art in jewelry and clothing. He has been observed to be an archer, a bard, and a craftsman. For all this and more, both were Awarded Arms. Her scroll by Lady Felice of York. His scroll illuminated by Lady Umm Samin bint Asad al-Isfahaniyya and calligraphed by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

David and Donna]

Donna and David receive their AoAs.

His Majesty then asked that Tegen Rhodes come before him. He spoke of how she has become a valuable member of her group and her endeavor to provide an authentic Russian appearance had captured the attention of many. For this she was Awarded Arms. Scroll by Baroness Ismay Pond.

Tegan AoA

Tegan receives her AoA.


Maighster Liam seeks Pennsic volunteers.

Maighstir Uilliam MacantSaoir, known as Liam, asked for time to address the populace.  He spoke of how this year will be the first year that Æthelmearc will officially host the Great Pennsic War. He called for all those attending to show the Known World how great Æthelmearc is and to volunteer to serve somewhere at the War. Any who have questions on how and where they can serve at Pennsic should seek out His Excellency.

The Order of the Keystone present was asked to stand. Her Majesty asked that the populace please look around and note who is not standing with the Order and if they see anyone who should be, to please send in a recommendation.

Lord Ragnar Gunnolfsson was then called before Their Majesties. This lord is known for helping on the fighting field as marshal, assisting in the kitchens of the Kingdom, guarding the Queens of the Realm, and much more. He was then inducted into the Order of the Keystone. Scroll painted by THL Shirin of Susa, calligraphy by Mistress Graidhne ni Ruaidh.

Ragnar Keystone

Lord Ragnar receives a Keystone.

Their Majesties then spied Monkey in the back of Court and demanded that he present himself. His Majesty spoke of how this gentle is a force of nature and is known for entertaining and delighting all who he meets. He was then presented with the scroll that had been read earlier in court.

Monkey AoA

Monkey receives his AoA.

Maximilian Petsch was then invited into Court. His Majesty spoke of how this gentle has served the Kingdom at foreign wars upon the fighting field and that his skill upon the melee and list fields was impressive. He was then inducted into the Order of the Golden Alce. Scroll illuminated by THL Edana the Red, calligraphy by Isabella Montoya.

Maximilian Golden Alce

Lord Maximiilan receives his Golden Alce.

Her Majesty then asked that all members of the Order of the Golden Alce present to please stand. She again asked the populace to look around and take note if there were people who appeared to be missing and please bring them to the attention of the Crown.

Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope asked for time in Court to speak of the youth combat activities of the day. She thanked the Youth Marshals-in-Training who assisted with running the lists: Baron Kire MacUrsus, Baroness Catherine van Wert, Lord Nikolie Lupiesu, and Lord Andrew the Good. Fourteen youth fighters came to the field so there were two tournaments. Fritz was the winner for the Division 1 tournament and Adrian was the winner for the Divisions 2 & 3 tournament. Mistress Arianna thanked the Division 3 fighters for helping the Division 1 fighters get in many good fights, and all Division 3 fighters, Adrian, Conor, Kaleb, and Gottfried, were given a token of recognition for their chivalry this day.

THL Deryk Archer then spoke of the archery tournament that had been held. First, he thanked all the marshals who came and assisted, as without them the activities would not have been able to happen. Prizes were awarded to those gentles who were the first to successfully hit the “difficult” shots.  It was then announced that Lord Snori skyti Bjarnson was the overall winner.

Snorri archery winner

Lord Snorri is recognized as the winner of the archery competition.

Baron Willem MacLear, event steward, thanked all who came to the event and expressed his personal gratitude to his staff for making his job easy. He then announced that at sundown a great bonfire would take place and all were invited.

Her Majesty then spoke of a young lord who had authorized for the first time that morning, of how he took his excitement and enthusiasm of that accomplishment onto the field and single handedly charged the Midrealm bridge during the battles. His enthusiasm inspired Her and She named Skeggi as Queen’s Inspiration for the Day.

Skeggi inspiration

Skeggi is named Queen’s Inspiration.

His Royal Highness Alaric of the Midrealm then spoke and thanked all for a glorious day. He reminisced about how Blackstone Raids was the event that both He and Her Highness first attended upon finding the Society, though not together, and this day brought back many good memories. He also said that based on the fighting that occurred on the field He was very happy that Æthelmearc and the Midrealm are on the same side this year at Pennsic.


Prince Alric of the Middle thanks Blackstone for a great event.

Their Majesties thanked all again for a wonderful day and closed Court.

All photos by THLady Amalie Reinhardt.