Over the years it’s been my honor to do a great number of ranges, but I’ve learned that I have to start looking at the calendar. Obviously, you have to work on the summer time ranges in the winter, and the winter time ranges in the summer. So I’m already working on Halloween.

Wanting to do something a little more fun and a little different, I decided to make a “boogie man.”

As usual, I clamped together three sheets of cardboard and one sheet of Coroplast. I use the same stencil over and over again – it’s a timesaver. You can see I drilled holes and used zip ties to put the cardboard and Coroplast together into a single target, avoiding glue. This also saved a lot of time.

After the pieces were zip tied together, I painted the cardboard black with paint from the dollar store and added large googly eyes. The artwork is very simple: you just gob on white paint for a makeshift skeleton. To keep it PG-rated, we added an old dish towel over his Celtic region.
skeleton painted with loincloth
Next, I zip tied together several more pieces of cardboard with a Coroplast sheet in the middle and added wires, making a small backstop.

I put some Velcro on the back of the boogie man’s legs and the backstop to secure him to the backstop. This will hold him up so you can shoot him down as shown in the video below.

When you retrieve your arrows, be sure to point out to your archers that his eyes roll back into his head when he falls over.

Boogie man shot

Since this target is so easy to make, I was able to build three of them in almost no time at all.

Three boogie men

This month’s safety tip: as I’ve stated in the past, novelty shoots are a lot of fun, but you can see in the video below that some arrows did bounce off the witch and some blew through her, so keep a safe distance.

It’s a shame if you missed that shoot; we had a lot of fun.

In service,

THLord Deryk Archer