Greetings unto the populace of the Sylvan Kingdom of Æthelmearc. As the great Pennsic War approaches Our King and Queen are seeking both medallions and largesse to be given unto the population as recognition and gifts. In order to inspire those who wish to contribute to come forward, two competitions shall be held at upcoming events. One shall be held at PAX Interruptus on July 7 to be judged by His Majesty. The next is to be held at Bog Three Day on July 14 and will be judged by Her Majesty. All are encouraged to participate in the competition, or consider contributing by giving items of largesse and/or medallions to myself or members of the royal staff. In planning entries, perhaps something for the Pennsic gift basket for the Kingdom of Meridies would be nice? More information on both competitions to be forthcoming!

YIS, Isabetta Orsini

Directions questions to: skbruml AT gmail DOT com

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Bog Three Day