A&S display at the Maker Faire.

From the Minister of A&S, THL Renata Rouge, and Faire Autocrat Mistress Ekaterina Volkova:

Two more days to register for the Æthelmearc Arts & Sciences Faire and Queen’s Prize Tourney!

But Ren, my documentation isn’t done. I don’t know what I need to put in it…

STOP. Take a deep breathe, my friend. This is a lower-stress A&S event. It isn’t Ice Dragon; you will not lose points because of a lack of documentation. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to get feedback from experienced artisans in the Kingdom about how to write your documentation. And if you are not as strong with your writing skills, you get to TALK about your project, process, and arts in a supportive, encouraging environment.

But Ren, my arts are just not good enough!!

SAYS WHO? What better way to get suggestions on how to take it to the next level than a consultation with experienced artisans? We’ve had past entrants who have been in the SCA less than a year, peers, and everyone in between. Every artisan is welcome and every artisan is respected, and I guarantee that every one of us other artisans have felt “not good enough,” too.

But Ren, my project isn’t finished!!

That’s completely okay — in-process projects are just fine! You will be getting feedback before the project is finished, which can greatly help you in the next steps.

Okay, I’m almost convinced. Is it difficult to register?

The hardest part is hitting send, I promise.
Email me your name, local group, sponsor name (if you don’t have one, I have several who have been looking for artisans just like you!) and what art you are entering.

For more about the event, see the A&S website here and the Kingdom event announcement here.

For those who also enjoy martial activities, there will be fencing and fighting at the event. Because this is first and foremost an Arts and Sciences event, any gentle wishing to put on armor of any kind is required to put a piece of art or science that that have made on display.  This does not enter them into the Faire, but does encourage participation in the Arts and Sciences.  You must put your item on display before checking in with the MoL and she will require proof of your display.  Limited art supplies will be available day of the event, but please consider bringing something with you.

The site is pet friendly!  However, please be advised that while pets are allowed on the grounds and in the hall, it is requested that all animals be leashed and kept away from the kitchen and dayboard.   Please pick up after your animal. The autocrat reserves the right to ask all ill-behaved animals to leave.


  • 8:30 am: site opens
  • 9 am: Faire/QPT check-in open
  • 10 am: Faire Consultation starts, lists open
  • 12 pm: Lunch break
  • 1 pm: Consultation resumes
  • 3 pm: Consultation ends
  • 3:15 to 4 pm: Fleur meeting
  • 4  to 4:45 pm: Laurel Meeting
  • 4 pm: Dayboard ends, Faire/displays tear-down, lists close
  • 5:15 pm: Court
  • 7 pm: Site closes
See here for the lunch menu.