Æthelmearc Summer A.S. 53 Photography Contest

By Duchess Dorinda Courtenay

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for – the results of the Summer A.S. 53 Photography Contest!  Master Raev, Master Orlando, and I would like to thank each and every person who took the time to share one or more photographs with us.  This was the largest group of entries we have had, and the choices were very difficult.  People are doing better and better at keeping the modern out of their pictures, and that means we get to also look for photographic excellence.   While we didn’t always agree, we came to a consensus and give you the winners.   Please remember that these photos are the property of the photographer, and they may not be used without permission.  We have even asked for permission to use their pictures as part of this article!

As always, the purpose of this contest was to encourage people to watch for modern elements creeping into photographs, and to create beautiful pictures that allow us to show the world what we do.  This is no easy task in a world filled with soda bottles and fire extinguishers, but some people always find a way!

Congratulations to all who entered, and thank you for sharing your art.

Honorable Mention: A Silent Victory at AEthelmearc Coronation by Karli Champ:

This picture was a great candid of a pair in combat, yet had outstanding composition.  We aren’t sure we know the beginning or the ending to this story, but we know it was an interesting one.







Honorable Mention: Soldier on a Horse by Wulf Johnson.

Equestrian photos are even more difficult than most to get without too much of modern structure in the background.  We loved the bright colors of this one of a mounted soldier ready for battle.









Honorable Mention: A brief rest during Viking Hiking the Lehigh Gorge Trail by ‎Hrólfr Á Fjárfelli‎: 

This was a beautiful scene with people with matching garb in it.







Honorable Mention: Equestrian Champs – Barony of Rhydderich Hael by Thalia Papillon.

The heraldry, the colors and the angles caught our eye.









Honorable Mention: Dominic McMorland being surprised with a writ for the Order of Chivalry – Harvest Raid 2017 by Lori McKinney.

This photo captured a moment of deep emotion that stuck with us.








Honorable Mention: Spring Crown 2018 by Michele Vicchitto.

At a first glance, this picture was simply pretty.  After not much squinting, the modern elements came forth, and we pondered not recognizing this photo.  However, we do not always get to choose our backgrounds, and in this case, the thrones were where the thrones were.  What we suspect would have been a dreadful picture if simply taken and posted, was turned into something beautiful by the work of the photographer.  We chose to recognize the photo as the best example of turning nothing into something wonderful.








Candid Runner Up: Banners Over Pennsic by Jim Bubb.

While we weren’t sure if banners were “posed” or “candid”, we put it here.  We loved the colors, the diagonals and the motion of this photo.









Posed Runner Up: Portrait of Magdalena Aberlin by Tammy Crawford.

The color and life and movement of the “Swirling Girl” makes for an absolutely beautiful picture.  What more can be said?







Candid Winner: HRM Juliana congratulating Mistress Mahin upon her elevation to the Order of the Laurel. Ice Dragon, 2018, AS 52.by Sherry Lemon.

This was not just a beautiful picture of two gorgeous ladies, but it forever captured a beautiful moment in a bigger story.  Court candids can be difficult, and this one succeeded fabulously.  It was cropped perfectly, and chose it as the winner for the Candid category.








Posed Winner: THL Thorsol Sits Vigil by Angelique Armstrong.

The story, the setting and composition were all top notch on this photo, but what put it over the top was the lighting.  The more the judges looked at this photo, the more they found to love, and thus named it winner of the posed category!