AE Royal

Aethelmearc Royal encampment, a few years past. Photo credit, Aoife

From the Kingdom Pennsic Chamberlain, Baron Janos:

A friendly reminder for people to plan to help set up and break down Æthelmearc Royal this Pennsic. Set up will be on the First Sunday and tear-down the final Friday.

Like past years, we are looking for crews to handle the loading of the transfer truck at the AE Trailer and a ground crew to set up at N04.

We are also looking for folks willing to/interested in splitting the cost of a box truck for the first Sunday and the final Friday of Pennsic. The Kingdom will split the cost of the rental of the truck on those days. Doing so means we will not have to wait for the Coopers to transport, and will speed up the process considerably. If you are interested or can otherwise help out with transport, please contact the Pennsic Chamberlain at caseyodonovan@yahoo.com or 267-679-1171.

Thank you all in advance for your help in setting up and breaking down Æ Royal this year. We hope to make it a quick and easy process like in the past.