Her Majesty has provided additional information. 

Memorial shield artwork courtesy of Baroness Konstantia Kaloethina.
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To Our Grieving Kingdom and to those who were lucky to call HRH Titus a friend and chosen family.

As stated earlier, information about His Royal Highness has been trickling in. What is now known is that Their Royal Highnesses were visiting the Kingdom of the Outlands and attending their event, Battlemoor. His Highness became short of breath after fighting and sought medical attention. He was then transferred to the local hospital where tests were done and it was found that he had a blood clot in his lungs which caused him to have a cardiac arrest and pass from this world, despite the ER personnel’s best effort. Her Royal Highness was by his side the entire time.

I spoke to HRH Anna Leigh at length and she is doing as well as she can under these circumstances. The Kingdom of the Outlands has been amazing and have assisted her with everything she may need. She asked me to thank the Kingdom, and the Known World, for the outpouring of support, prayers, and love. She apologizes for not being able to respond or to post something herself due to the poor reception on site and in the area she is in but she wants everyone to know she is appreciative.

As more information comes in, we will make sure to pass it along. I know many have asked about a GoFundMe page or ways to help. It is still too soon to know the needs of Her Royal Highness and we will inform the Kingdom and the Known World as soon as we see an opportunity to help.

And just as a reminder, we ask that you please respect HRH, Anna Leigh by giving her the space she needs while she is going through this difficult time.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Ourselves (ae.king@aethelmearc.org & ae.queen@aethelmearc.org) or the Kingdom Seneschal, Duke Christopher Rawlyns (ae.seneschal@aethelmearc.org).

In Service to Æthelmearc
Siobhan, Queen