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As Pennsic rapidly approaches and the national holiday is over, this brings to mind those who for any number of reasons do not enjoy the battlefield cannons at the War.

CAWS signVarious gentle need some help to traverse the sound-rich environment that is Pennsic. One of the tools to help those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), service animals and their handlers, or those with Sound Triggered Anxiety (STA) is now entering its second year at the event: the Cannon Advanced Warning System (CAWS).

The CAWS is always looking for volunteers to help in various ways: from data entry to sitting on the top of the hill over the battlefield and working with the cannoneers to send out the warnings.

Sign-up is at the merchant locations Silvertree Souq and Nordic Trader. Please consider volunteering to help make Pennsic a safer, more fun event for everyone.

To read about the origin of the system, click here.

To read last year’s explanation of what volunteering entails, click here.