I am Master Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake, newly appointed Deputy of Known World Symposiums, reporting to the Society MoAS, Seigneur Etienne Le Mons d’Anjou.

I’d like to tell you about a symposium that’s coming up at the end of next month. The Known World Commedia Symposium, celebrating Italian Culture; Late Sixteenth century Rapier, Food, Clothing, Music, Dance, Art, and all the culture that brought Commedia dell’ Arte to life!

It will be hosted by the Shire of Ballachlagen, in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, at Tomlinson Run State Park in New Manchester West Virginia from Thursday, September 20th, 5 PM to Sunday, September 23, 11 AM.

Adult Event registration 15.00 Adult member discount registration 10.00. Feast is an additional 10.00 and cabin space for the weekend (while available) is 2.00 per person. Reservations Clerk is Ælric Ravenshaw: Russ Schultz 107 N. 10th St Wheeling, WV. 26003. Email archais AT msn DOT com Please include an e-mail address with reservations for confirmation purposes Make check payable to SCA West Virginia Inc.

For more information, see the Facebook event page

Or the Event web site