THL Lijsbet and Sir Rowan at the 2015 competition. Photo by JJ Art Photography.

The drums of War may have been stilled for another year, but in the Barony of Delftwood there is still a fire burning around which to gather in fellowship – and FOOD!

Join us on Sunday, September 2, 2018 at A Shoot in the Wildwood for the 4th Annual Cast Iron Chef Cooking Tournament!

Cooks of all ages and stages are encouraged to test their mettle by preparing a multi-course, period-plausible meal, while creatively adapting to the twists set up as part of the unique competition format selected each year. We are excited to reveal several new and fun challenges for this year’s tournament:


This year, all cooking teams will be required to complete a technical challenge as part of their final entry evaluation. Teams will receive a recipe from a period resource that they must redact and recreate to the best of their abilities. The outcome of this challenge will then provide the framework around which the remaining dishes should be planned.


As always, the pantry will be stocked with a bounty of ingredients for our cooks to use in the creation of their entry meals. This year, however, everything comes with a price that must be paid to obtain them. All registered teams will receive a purse containing a standard sized “allowance,” that they use to purchase items for their entries. No ingredients will be available without payment, so cooks will need to budget wisely.


While every team will get the same amount of coin to begin with, they will also have the chance to increase their budget in this year’s Cast Iron Chef archery shoot. Archers who have been recruited by tournament cooks will have the opportunity to shoot on behalf of their teams. While the details of the shoot will be announced at a later date, what is certain is that each team’s allowance will increase based on the results.

All teams will still be expected to follow the rules that have been established as the core of the Cast Iron Chef Cooking Tournament:

  • All dishes presented as part of an entry must be made on site using the communal cooking fire,
  • during the scheduled cooking time,
  • and use only ingredients provided by the tournament.
  • Cooks should plan to supply their own cookware appropriate for use over an open fire, and their own knives.

At the end of the tournament cooking time, you will be able to present your meal to our judges for the chance for your team to win some amazing prizes!

We hope you will join us for a fun day of fire, friendship, and food at this year’s Cast Iron Chef! If there are any questions, please contact the tournament coordinator, Edelvrouw Lijsbet de Keukere.


Cast Iron Chef is always looking for food donations to help the tournament run smoothly! See the wishlist here for a comprehensive list of items for our pantry that are welcome contributions in any amount.

In addition, we need to borrow  for the competition:

  • 3 to 4 pop-ups (10×10 or 12×12; intended to be used as the sign-in/hospitality area, judges’ lounge, dishwashing area, and kitchen equipment area)
  • 5 chest coolers (intended to hold the pantry items that need to stay on ice;  medium and large sizes preferred)
  • Easy-up/easy-down shelving (any number – intended for use in the pantry to organize ingredients, or in the equipment area to organize cooking tools and essentials)
  • Cast iron cookware to have on hand for cooks who need it

If you’d like to donate or loan something, contact THL Lijsbet privately to arrange a drop-off or mailing address.


Competitors and judges are welcome to join the Facebook group here.

Anyone who enjoys medieval food and finds fun in a good challenge, join us!

See you around the campfire, THL Lijsbet