An account of the court of Sven and Siobhan, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, held at Summer’s End on the 22nd day of September in the 53rd year of the Society in the Canton of Beau Fleuve.  Reported by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, assisted by THL Zofia Kowalewska, Ice Dragon Pursuivant.

Their Majesties invited Their Excellencies Rhydderich Hael and Thescorre to join them in court.

The children of the Realm were invited to investigate the contents of the toybox in the back of court and asked to please select one toy so that they may better enjoy court.


Her Majesty greets the children.

They then gave leave to Their Excellencies Rhydderich Hael to hold their court.

Part way through Baronial Court, Their Majesties noticed that Lord Chebe, head cook for the event had been called before Their Excellencies and asked for time with him, stating that they had words with him and did not want to cause delay or other issues for dinner with the cook being called out of the kitchen multiple times. Lord Chebe has become well known on the field of battle and has recently become Kingdom Siege Weapon Marshal, and through this new office, has encouraged many, Her Majesty included, to try their hand at using siege engines. For all this he was made a member of the Golden Alce.  Scroll by Lady Felice of Thornton and Isabella Montoya.

Chebe Golden Alce

Lord Chebe receives a Golden Alce.

Their Majesties then returned court to Their Excellencies.

Upon completion of Baronial court, Her Majesty spoke of how much she enjoyed the event and seeing all the wonderful activities and thanked all for helping to make it happen.

Lady Genevive o’Connor was then called into court. It was noted that this good woman loves the fiber arts and can always be found near a loom, crafting, teaching and encouraging others in the ways of the weaver. For this she was inducted into the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll by THL Eleanore Godwin.

Geniveve oconnor

Lady Genevive receives a Sycamore.

The members of the Order of the Sycamore were then asked to rise. Her Majesty asked everyone to look around and see who was not standing and if the populace felt that someone should be, to please write that person in for an award.

Their Majesties then asked for Boudicca of Thescorre to please join them. His Majesty spoke of how this good lady’s talents can be seen on the stage of battle and on the performance stage. For not only can she be found on the melee field and the thrown weapons range, but she also stands as Thescorre’s Bardic Champion. For all this she was Awarded Arms. Scroll by Gwen Cook with words by Don Po Silvertop.


Boudicca receives an Award of Arms.

Fuego of the Hael was Awarded Arms in absentia for her dedicated support of her Barony and skill on the Rapier field. Scroll by THL Eleanore Godwin.

Lord Vrsvs Epicvrivs was named a member of the Order of the Golden Alce in absentia for his skill on the fighting field and work as Heavy Weapons Marshall. Scroll by THL Shirin of Susa and Isabella Montoya.

The Order of the Golden Alce was also increased by the addition of Akayama-san Yatarou Kage’o for his great skill on the Thrown Weapons ranges.  Scroll presented in absentia and made by Mistress Gillian Llewelyn.

T heir Majesties then called for Layla al-Ghudariyyah  and Kyen Ashe. His Majesty said they had received word of the good acts that these two have been doing serving the Barony in so many ways. For this they were Awarded Arms. Layla’s scroll was by THL Luceta di Cosimo. Kyen’s scroll by Lady Elizabeth Rosamond and Gemina of Krull.

Kyen and Layla

Layla and Kyen receives Awards of Arms.

It was then announced that Their Majesties sought a word with Feya. This good woman gave up her entire day at the most recent Ice Dragon to sit troll. It is said that if she can do something, she does it wholeheartedly and with great enthusiasm.  For this she was Awarded Arms. Scroll by Lady Simonetta d’Alfassi and THL Eleanore Godwin.


Feya receives an Award of Arms.

Their Majesties then summoned Lord Fearghus mac Eoin before them. This man has served long in the various Baronies that he has lived in. He shares his knowledge of the marshalled arts with any who ask. He has served as Knight Marshal and well represents his home group on the field. For this he was made a member of the Order of the Golden Alce.  Scroll by Mistress Gillian Llewelyn.


Lord Fearghus receives a Golden Alce.

Their Majesties then called for Quirin, formerly called Tadgh Mag Uidhir.  His skills upon the field had also not gone unnoticed and he was inducted into the Order of the Golden Alce.  The scroll was unsigned. Words by THL Zofia Kowalewska.


Lord Quirin receives a Golden Alce.

The Order of the Golden Alce was asked to stand so that the populace could see who they felt needed to be recommended to the Crown.

Their Majesties then called forth Cacht Inghean Ui Cheithernaig.  Her skill in Archery, her welcoming demeanor, and constant volunteering had been seen and needed to be recognized. For this she was Awarded Arms.  Scroll by Lady Felice of Thornton.


Cacht receives an Award of Arms.

His Majesty then asked all those that have contributed to making scrolls, be they illuminators, calligraphers or wordsmiths, to please rise so that all could thank them for their skill and generosity in sharing their art.

Her Majesty then spoke of how one of the joys of being Queen is to look around and find that source of inspiration and bring it to the attention of all.  This day she saw one who had been away for 13 years, but despite personal setbacks came back to her barony to help where she can and do what she can to thank those that have been there for her.  Thus was Lady Fiona Margaret named Queen’s Inspiration for the Day.


Lady Fiona is named Queen’s Inspiration.

Their Majesties then asked all those for whom this was their first event or first Kingdom level court to please come forth.  Their Majesties thanked them for coming and presented each with a cup so that they would have a way to remember the day and hopefully come back and be able to fill the cups with new friends and family.

His Majesty then said that Summer’s End is an event he has enjoyed very much over the years and this year was no exception.  He thanked everyone for the hospitality, generosity, and fun of the day.

There being no further business, the court of Sven and Siobhan was then closed.

All photos by Lord Mikus Magellus.