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Hilda_Gazette_Pic (1)Greetings to the Æthelmearc Local Seneschals, Local Social Media Officers, and other interested parties, from Baroness Hilda, Kingdom Social Media Officer.

It has recently come to my attention that some local seneschals have not been receiving emails from the Seneschals’ Email list. This list is not used frequently, but it was the channel I had been using to notify seneschals on social media matters. Emails were send July 20, September 7, and October 22, as well as one on another topic on October 26. If you are a local seneschal and have not received these emails, please email ae.deputy@aethelmearc.org.

For those who have not heard, the SCA, Inc. updated Social Media Policy in June, and had subsequently given until the end of October for branches to come into compliance. You can read the Society Social Media Policy herehttp://socsen.sca.org/social-media/. Here are the highlights:

  1. Each local branch is encouraged to have a dedicated Local Social Media Officer (LSMO).While having someone dedicated is not a requirement, it is a requirement that someone in the local branch have official oversight of the group’s social media outlets(could be an existing officer, a deputy, etc., depending on local policy, custom, or needs). This LSMO will report to the Kingdom Social Media Officer (KSMO) quarterly, and when the person changes. If you aren’t sure if your branch’s LSMO is on the Kingdom Social Media roster and Facebook group, please contact me (ae.socialmedia@aethelmearc.org).
  2. Each local branch must have at least a Facebook Page. Local branches can have more social media outlets than this, and on several different approved outlets (Twitter, Instagram, etc.), but must have a Facebook Page.

Important note: Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups are two different things, with different capabilities.

  1. If a branch creates a Facebook (or other social media) event that corresponds with an SCA event, then that Facebook event must have been created from an Official Outlet. It is highly encouraged to come from their Facebook Page (not Facebook Group), as that outlet will allow for anyone to respond. Facebook events that correspond with SCA events are not allowed to be hosted by individuals or 3rdparties.

A couple of notes on this rule:

–Any Facebook events that correspond with December SCA events that don’t comply with this rule may stay as-is. Any Facebook events that correspond with January 2019 and beyond SCA events need to comply with this rule. Seneschals, LSMOs, and Event Stewards should address this with any existing Facebook events.

–This rule does not apply to social media “events” for meetings and practices. Just social media events that correspond to actual SCA events.

–Event Stewards and LSMO’s must have administrative control over these Facebook.social media events.

–If your local branch is not comfortable creating a Facebook event for your SCA event, and you want to, it can easily be created from the Kingdom Facebook Page. Email ae.sociamedia@aethelmearc.org, or message the “Kingdom of Aethelmearc” Facebook Page.

–There have been some questions about this particular rule. The Society put it into effect for some pretty good reasons, most of which have to do with other Kingdoms. Feel free to contact me if you want to chat about it.

  1. Notes on what makes a social media outlet “Official” for a branch.  Any Social Media Outlet or Site that is specifically for your local branch is considered Official. It does not matter if you have “Unofficial” in the title or about section. Any other Social Media Outlets or Sites (including household, guild, fan groups and communities)that conduct official businessare considered Official and should be treated as such. (SMO oversight, etc.)

There are restrictions on what official business can be initially announced officially on Social Media Outlets (pg. 2 of the policies – http://socsen.sca.org/social-media/). However, subsequent announcements, and other types of communication for group events, etc., from a branch officer or deputy (including event stewards), are official business. These items can be mentioned on social media before being announced, but are not considered official until they have gone through the appropriate communication channels.

  1. A few more highlights about the rules that are not new to the June 2018 update:

–Each Official Social Media Outlet must have at least two administrators, with equal admin access rights. One of the two required admins must be the LSMO, or the officer filling that role. The other is encouraged to be the group Seneschal or Webminister.

–Each Social Media Outlet/Site must include the Disclaimer in the “about” or similar section.). Wording is in the policy.

–See the policy for restrictions on  all social media content and expectations of conduct on social media by anyone in the SCA.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at ae.socialmedia@aethelmearc.org, message the Kingdom of Aethelmearc Facebook Page, or you may contact the Society Social Media Officer, Sir Tiberius, at socialmedia@sca.org for Society-level questions.

In Levitate et Caritate,

Baroness Hilda, OP