A message from the current Co-Signets regarding a call for Letters of Intent:

It is time to request letters of intent for those who may be interested in pursuing the next term of office for Kingdom Signet. That said, it has always been our intention to serve two terms as Co-Signets, should those who make the decision deem us to be worthy of the honor.

First of all, please bear in mind that Scribes are the only pure production artists we have in the SCA: Everything they create is freely given away, they work alone and they pay for all of their materials and supplies. Interested parties should know that there are a few skill sets that are required to do the job. These include:

Exceptional organizational skills and keeping the Royal scribal secrets, secret.

Knowledge of database management is critical: keeping accurate records for the seated Royals, the Jewel Herald and for any who will review Signet records in years to come. This includes a follow up edit to the database after every Royal Progress event to specifically detail all Court business which occurred and what did not transpire.

The Signet works closely with the Crown and the designated Jewel Herald – this is a team effort and flows smoothly when all parties work together. This requires excellent, respectful communication skills, responding to requests from the Royals, Jewel Herald, other Kingdom officers, our scribes and the populace at large. Traveling to Royal Progress events is an expectation of this position. Further, the Signet is expected to supervise his/her team including any deputies appointed and the assigned work they accept. Communication also includes the ability to write Curia reports, Kingdom policies and even proposals to various Kingdom committees.

Assigning, collecting and presenting scrolls for signature is only a part of the job description.

Education: Artistic development for each and every scribe that desires assistance. Providing resources and materials as requested. The Signet should have a strong base of knowledge of artistic techniques & processes, historical references, materials, and several styles of illuminated manuscripts. Educational deputies may be appointed to assist with the tasks/projects: Heralds and Scribes event, Pennsic Scribal college, War Practice Scribal Playtime, Academy offerings and more. The Signet is the primary resource for all Kingdom scribes.

Community building, fundraising for the Scribe’s Retreat, mentoring, networking new scribes with experienced scribes.

Applicants should expect to spend between 15-20 hours per week and more prior to Coronation and Pennsic.

For those who wish to submit letters, please provide the following: A resume and a letter of intent to include any deputies planned to implement a two year plan of action specifically detailing what you intend to accomplish and who you will enlist for assistance. Please be specific. Letters may be sent to the Kingdom Seneschal and to our Prince and Princess.

In Service,
Antoinette and Shirin