January 24, 2018 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Barony of Endless Hills being a Barony and in celebration of this their Excellencies Steffan and Fiona, declared 2018 would be a year of Tournaments. There were monthly Tournaments (in Fencing and Heavy) with all winners gaining admission to a final tournament held on January 1, 2019. Each of these tournaments were different, playing on different strength and weaknesses of the combatants. Each winner of this will receive a sword, a hand carved horn from Valhalla horns, and a few more prizes being thrown in the day of. You didn’t have to be a member of the Barony to win. We now are happy to announce our finalists.

It started with a bang in January holding the first Two Tournaments on the same night.

We had a touching moment in February when the Fencing winner Don Po, give his spot to THL Katerin Stark in honor of her late Husband Wolfgang. Also in February Sir Murdoch came out on top in the Heavy tourney.

In March Lord Attila Soldus was the first out of Kingdom winner, but he was surely not the last. THL Lotharius became the first competitor to get a first round bye, by winning both the March Tournament and the Endless Baronial Champion for Heavy. Don Po became Endless Hills Fencing Champion earning himself a spot.

April saw two new winners with THL Caitrina Gordon on the fencing side and Lord Ulfkell Dunglesson winning those tourneys. Conversely May saw two repeat winners with Lord Attila and Sir Murdoch earning themselves first round byes.

At melee Madness Memorial Day weekend Sir Thorsol  and Baintighearna Ania gained admission though their skill at arms.

The heat of the summer brought us 5 winners, in June Don Po secured himself a first round bye, and THL Heinrich fought hard to win himself a spot. In July to locals to Endless Hills, Lord Chaghagan and Lord Vassilis both got there ticket into the tourney, but in August, traveling from a faraway land Baron Fearghus prevailed.

As fall came to the Endless Hills new comer Agnar won the fencing tourney, with the spectacular Sir Beatrix dominating the field. October brought another new comer to the Fencing forefront, Ivar, and yet another Peer, Master Tigernach took the heavy tourney. As autumn came to a close, Don Jehan overcame his fencing opponents, and Lord Gregory outlasted his heavy rivals.

Finally in December, the Fencers had two winners, THL Alianora Bronhulle, and Lord Ian Douglas, and in Heavy Righ-Tuatha Cormacc capped off the year.

Their Excellencies each chose a fencer and a heavy among all of the tourney spots, as all fought accorded themselves well at multiple Tourneys. His Excellency chose, Lady Jenevieve, and Lord Salvador, her Excellency chose Lord Damiano, and THL Sterling.

Any one of these fighters can win. If you want to come see this tournament, fight byes are just come do pickups with the competitors, you are all invited to Steel Therapy New Years edition, on January 1st. at our regular practice site 1160 Chase Road, Shavertown PA 18708  From Noon, until people don’t want to fight anymore. There is no admission, but bring a covered dish.

Article by Righ-Tuatha Cormacc mac Gilla Brigde

Tournament Winner
January Lord Lucha Delion
February THL Katerin Starcke
March Lord Attila Soldus
Baronial Champion Don Po Silvertop the Rogue
April THL Caitrina Gordon
May Lord Attila Soldus
Melee Madness Baintighearna Ania Mhoireach
June Don Po Silvertop the Rogue
July Lord Chaghagan Ghunan
September Agnar Ulfjolterson
October Ivar inn Bjorn
November Don Jehan LaBlanc
December #1 THL Alianora Bronhulle
December #2 Lord Ian Douglas
Baron’s Choice Lady Jenevieve Spillane
Baroness’ Choice Lord Damiano Vitalie della Fonda


Tournament Winner
January Righ-Tuatha Cormacc mac Gilla Brigde
February Sir Murdoch Bayne
March THL Lotharius qui et Segimundus
Baronial Champion THL Lotharius qui et Segimundus
April Lord Ulfkell Dunglesson
May Sir Murdoch Bayne
Melee Madness Sir Thorsol Solinauga
June THL Heinrich Braüer
July Lord Vassilis Monevassios
August Baron Fearghus O’Conchobhair
September Sir Beatrix Krieger
October Master Tigernach mac Cathail
November Lord Gregory Hillson
December Righ-Tuatha Cormacc mac Gilla Brigde
Baron’s Choice Lord Salvador Moro di Medici
Baroness’ Choice THL Sterling de la Rosa

January Winners Righ-Tuath Cormacc and Lord Lucha

Don Po and The Honorable Lady Katerin

Front Row right to left Lord Attila, Lady Alanna, Don Po, Don Jehan, Back row Noble Romey, Fingan, Lord Curt, Lord Salvador, Lady Melissa, Baron Leo, Lady Jenevieve, Righ-Tuatha Cormacc, THL Sterling, THL Caitrina

February’s Tournament, front left to right, Lord Ulfkell, Lord Dememtri, Lord Vassils, Lady Kryslalis, Lord Eustacious, THL Sterling, Fingan, Back Row, Master Tigernach, Lord Gregory, Baron Sylvester, Sir Murdoch, Lord Salvador