Reuben at an eventThe Æthelmearc Gazette is saddened to report the passing of Lord Ruben MacUrsus from the Shire of Port Oasis in early January as the result of a motor vehicle accident.

Lord Ruben (Reuben Sayre) was a Companion of the Keystone and Silver Buccle as well as Blackstone Mountain’s Black Onyx. He was known for his big heart and enthusiastic service, especially in kitchens. He was also a fighter and heavy weapons marshal.

Lord Ruben’s sister, Lady Crystal MacUrsus, said of her brother:

“Ruben MacUrsus was a lifetime member of the SCA. His mother was still carrying him at their first event, Pennsic. He is preceded in death by his father, Frederick the Bald, a rather scurrilous merchant of a variety of knives and other odds and ends. Ruben received a Silver Buccle when he was 8, and thus began a lifelong relationship with service and the kitchen. There are many stories of him cooking; at one White Hart he was requested in court so they had to pull him out of the kitchen. It took a few minutes for the guards to divest him of various knives, and Sir Gareth even considered requesting that he leave the wooden spoon behind as it may have been considered threatening. Given that they were surprising him with an award, that may have been warranted. He was always there to lend a hand, be part of a ‘goon’ squad, or just lend a shoulder and listen. Many nights at Pennsic he could be found wooing ladies late into the evening, then fighting in the morning. There have been many people who asked him to mix a drink or bartend. While the spirits may have been strong, he rarely made one that didn’t suit the person requesting it.”

Reuben in armorShe continued, “He also worked as a blacksmith. During demos he was always patient, showing newcomers and the public how to heat the metal and strike it to produce the desired shape. He made metalwork items for friends and family in his spare time.”

In honor of Lord Ruben, Lady Kismira Rothiem, Seneschale of the Shire of Port Oasis, is taking up a collection for a memorial.  She posted on Facebook:

“On behalf of the Sayre family, in memory of Reuben Sayre, we will have a table set up for him people can donate items that remind you of Reuben. More importantly, Reuben loved telling stories, we will have a notebook present for people to share their favorite memories and stories of Reuben. This memorial will travel with me and Lord James Freeman (James Schmutz) to White Hart, Blackstone Raid, War Practice, and Pennsic. At the end of Pennsic, all items and stories will be given to the Sayre family. For those who have stories to share but cannot make any of these events please feel free to email me at locascio3@gmail.com or James at james_freeman14th@yahoo.com. Thank you all.”

Lord Ruben is survived by his mother and step-father, sisters, and his uncle and aunt, Baron Kire MacUrsus and Baroness Catherine Wert, and his cousin Michael.

Photos courtesy of Lord James Freeman.