Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Anna Leigh, Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Endless Hills Baronial Birthday and Investiture, as conducted on the 19th day of January, AS 53, in the Barony of the Endless Hills. As recorded by Don Po Silvertop the Rogue, reporting as Scarlet Guard Herald.

On Behalf of Her Majesty, Their Excellencies Baron Verdi Stefan and Baroness Fiona the Prepared opened Regency Court.

Baron and Baroness

Baroness Fiona and Baron Verdi.

The business of Regency Court was suspended to permit Their Excellencies to hold Baronial Court.

During Baronial Court:

Whereupon Lord Ulfkell Dungelsson was called before Their Excellencies to receive admission to their Excellencies Order of the Golden Lamp for achievements in the Arts and Sciences.

Kingdom Court was re-opened so that Their Excellencies, acting on Behalf of Her Majesty might induct Lord Uflkell into Her Majesty’s Order of the Sycamore, again for his studies of the noble Arts. (Scroll composed and illuminated by Sir Murdoch Bayne).

Ulfkell Sycamore

Lord Ulfkell receives a Sycamore.

Thus inducted, Her Majesty’s Regency Court was suspended.

Kingdom Court again resumed while Their Excellencies were awarding a Golden Lamp to Lady Aesa Hegulfsdottir– to add her as a member to Her Majesty’s Order of the Sycamore for her talent and creativity in the Arts and Sciences. (Scroll by Calligraphy and illumination by Lady Gwen Cooke of Thescorre).

Aesa Golden Lamp

Lady Aesa receives a Sycamore.

Again, Kingdom Court was suspended.Upon the completion of Their Excellencies Baronial Court, Her Majesty’s Regency Court, as personifed by Their Excellencies re-opened:

Her Majesty’s greetings and apologies from a Far Kingdom were relayed to the attending populace – as was a call for photos so that Her Majesty might share in the enjoyment of the day’s activities.

Birna Hakadottir was called into Regency Court and presented with her Award of Arms for her numerous efforts and inspiration to many. (Scroll Scroll calligraphy, wording,and illumination by Lady Sebastianne la Rousse).

Birna AoA

Birna receives an Award of Arms.

Ivarr of the Endless Hills was invited before the Regency Court and awarded Arms for his progress with a rapier and his helpfulness in introducing new people to the Society. (Scroll calligraphy, wording, and illumination by Lady Sebastianne la Rousse).

Ivarr AoA

Ivarr receives an Award of Arms..

Their Excellencies invited Lady Gulsah al-Zakiyya to appear before the Regency Court- Their Excellencies spoke of the great investments of time and effort Gulsah had graciously offered- including the administration of Herald’s Point at Pennsic as well as her contributions to her Kingdom and Shire. For her numerous acts of Service, Her Majesty- speaking through Her Excellency, inducted Lady Gulsah into the Kingdom’s Order of the Keystone. (Scroll Scroll calligraphy, wording, and illumination by Lady Sebastianne la Rousse).

Gulsah Keystone

Lady Gulsah receives a Keystone.

The Regency Court called forth Her Majesty’s Order of the Millrind. Seeing that the present numbers seemed sparse, Their Excellencies (on behalf of Her Majesty) invited Lady Maggie IllFoster before the Court. For Lady Maggie’s long history of selfless and joyful service- in a multitude of offices and events, the Regency Court (at Her Majesty’s direction) inducted Lady Maggie into the Kingdom’s Order of the Millrind. (Scroll Text and calligraphy by THL Shirin al Sussiya, Illumination by Lady Felice de Thornton).

Maggie Illfoster Millrind

Lady Maggie is inducted into the Order of the Millrind.

There being no further business, the Regency Court of Her Majesty was closed.

In service,
Don Po Silvertop the Rogue
Scarlet Guard Herald

All photos by Lady Christina Mary Lowe, aka Jinx.