Judges are being scheduled now for Ice Dragon.  It’s a month and a half away and the Pent Coordinator like to get as many categories covered before the end of March as possible.

The judging sheets will be the same as last year. We have criteria sheets as well for those who wish to use them.

Each item with get its own judging sheet from each judge. All judges will have a sticker sheet with their name and email for use with all judging sheets.

I need your contact information for my database listed below, if you could please provide it. The minimum we need is your SCA name, modern name, and email. Any other information is for Pent staff use, including
– Phone
– Facebook ID
– Website
– Address    City    State    Zip
– SCA Group
– Awards (Laurel    Fleur    Sycamore    Out-Kingdom A&S Award)

The current category list  is available at:

If you could please indicate what categories you would be comfortable judging, that would be very helpful.

As you are probably aware, judging needs can’t be completely determined until the day of the event so assignments are subject to change.

If you have any questions or concerns, and to register to judge, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Looking forward to confirming your attendance and ability to judge at Ice Dragon. April 13, 2019!