THLady Astrid is annoyed by the lack of light

After the success of last year’s Squires’ Rebellion, it’s been reported that other peers’ associates around Æthelmearc are now on strike. Distraught Pelicans, Laurels, and MODs are in negotiations to try to resolve their differences with their dependents, but the talks have stalled over a variety of issues.

Protégés are demanding more candles. THLady Astrid Vigaskegg complained “We go through candles at double the rate of other associates because we’re always burning them at both ends! It’s not fair that our Pelicans don’t give us enough lighting to do our work, especially after they stole that hour from us for Daylight Savings Time.”


THLady Renata losing sleep over her documentation

Apprentices are insisting on Fridays off so they can finish their Ice Dragon documentation before the event instead of looking up sources on their smartphones while driving to the the Rhydderich Hael at midnight on Friday. “Just one more citation…zzzzz… “ muttered an exhausted THLady Renata le Rouge as she fell asleep over her embroidery books.

And MOD’s associates have complained vociferously about the lack of any consistent naming practice. Lady Romey Feuerherrts has thrown up her hands in frustration at not being able to clearly describe her relationship with Master Clewin. “Am I a student? A cadet? A scholar? What does “scholar” even mean? It sounds like I’m studying Greek philosophy or something, instead of how to kill people with swords. I mean, really, just give me a decent word!”


Lady Romey is fed up

At “Greek philosophy,” Her Ladyship Renata briefly perked up and said “I can help with that… Just give me a moment to find the right primary source…” before dozing off again.

THLady Astrid is organizing a combined meeting of dissatisfied associates, and has plans for a union to be called “Associates For Learning – Coordinating Information and Ontology” or AFL-CIO.

The Queen is looking into the situation and is expected to deliver a statement shortly.