Pent Liam singing

Baron Liam singing for Performing Arts. Photo by Lady Aine ny Allane.

Unto the Populace of Æthelmearc does Maighstir Liam send greetings;
For nearly 5 years, I have served the kingdom as Sycamore Herald (Tournament Herald), alas, I feel that it is time for me to step away from this position and have someone else be the voice of tournaments for the kingdom.

The responsibilities of the job are as follows:

1) Work with the Silver Buccle Herald and other herald staff to assure that there are heralds available for Crown Tournaments as well as any kingdom championships where heralds are needed. Including, but not limited to the Queens Rapier Tournament, Heavy Champions and Youth Champions.

2) Organize and assure all combatants who may need a herald at Crown Tournament have one available to them.

3) Recruit voice heralds for Crown Tournament and other championship events to assist the combatants and secure the lysts.

4) Work with the Seedling Herald staff to assure that the lyst tree shields are available and set up at Crown Tournament.

5) Work closely with the MOL staff and Marshal staff for tournaments.

6) Confer the tournament needs to combatants as requested by Their

7) Test the Herald Broadcast System prior to the start of each Crown Tournament to assure it is in proper working order.

The job itself requires travel throughout the kingdom for Crown Tournament and Champions tournaments as needed. Part of the job is the encouragement of new voice heralds and their care and feeding to assure their continued work.

Note: This is a job that you cannot do on your own, it requires working with many people to give the best possible show for the combatants, consorts, and spectators. The job is incredibly fun and it is your job to assure that others are aware what is going on, a little bit of humor and eloquence with words does not hurt.

If this sounds like a position you would be interested in, Please submit a letter to Myself sycamoreherald@aeheralds.net and THL Sophie Davenport (Silver Buccle Herald) AE.Herald@aethelmearc.org by Saturday, May 11th, 2019.

In Service,
Maighstir Uilliam (Liam) MacantSaoir
Sycamore Herald