From Comtesse Elena d’Artois, current Queen’s Rapier Champion,
regarding QRC on May 4th:

Good day to all of the fencers of Æthelmearc,

The day approaches when Her Majesty Juliana will choose a champion to serve. To that end, St Swithin’s Bog has graciously agreed to host the tournament. Huge thanks to them for stepping up and arranging the location and event logistics for this occasion!

The tournament format will be similar to  the Rose Tourney at Pennsic.

The first portion will be run as one large pool of combatants. Pairings will be assigned. Each pairing will fight to 3 deaths. Bring whatever weapons form you choose. Any combatant may call their shot back at any time and opt to re-fight a pass rather than have something be questionable. Clean and pretty is better than any doubt. Marshals can be asked what they saw in case of any questions.

This is important:  Double kills will not be re-fought. No points will be awarded for a double kill. Dead is dead.

Pairs do not need to match weapons form.

Points will be assigned based on the outcome of each set of passes as follows:

Possibility 1 – in any combination:
Combatant A – wins 1 – 3 pts
Combatant B – wins 2 – 7 pts

Possibility 2 –
Combatant A wins 3  passes in a row – 10 pts
Combatant B does not win any passes – 0 pts

Possibility 3 –
First pass Combatant A – wins 1 – 3 pts
Second pass Double Kill – no points awarded.
Third pass will not be fought.

Possibility 4 –
2 double kills – 0 points assigned.
Third pass will not be fought

Possibility 5 –
First pass Combatant A – wins 1 pass – 3pts
2nd pass Combatant B – wins 1 pass – 3 pts
3rd pass is a double kill – no points awarded for this pass.

We are looking at fighting up to 7 rounds of passes. Help from extra marshals may be requested depending upon attendance. We may run fewer. This will be fluid and will be decided as the tournament progresses.

From this score a top pool of combatants will be drawn, and a single elimination branch will be run. This will be single pass. Bring your best weapons form.

Finals will be best of 5, rotating weapons form. Combatants must match form.

As always Her Majesty reserves the right to choose any champion, not necessarily the victor of the tournament.

Please join me in celebrating Her Majesty with this fabulous display of prowess, chivalry, and joy in the list. Have fun. Be kind to each other. Honor before victory.

And remember Commandment number 1 – Thou Shalt Parry first.

QRC Magnus v Diego 2