From Lady Niamh bean Bran O’Labhradha, Autocrat:

It is with great great excitement I announce the Heavy Schedule for Bog Three-Day!

  • Inspections open 9am
  • 11am we will start the day with a LADDER OF RENOWN TOURNAMENT!
  • 12-2 there will be a FIELDS OF CHIVALRY!
  • 2pm we are pleased to host the AE 500!

What a wonderful day of fighting this will be!

Your MICs for the day are Sir Marek Viachedrago and THL Bran O’Labradha.

There is much much more to come and there will be something for everyone so stay tuned!!!

For more details, please visit:

Bog Three-Day Heavy fighters Jinx

Photo by Lady Mary Christine Lowe, aka Jinx