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HuntersHome.gifDocumented from the proceedings of the Second Reign of King Gareth and Queen Juliana, Monarchs of Sylvan Æthelmearc, during the Beer and Bacon Bash, April 20, AS 53, in Their Shire of Hunters Home; as reported by Meistr Madoc Arundel, Shrike Herald Extraordinaire.

As Her Majesty was abroad on a diplomatic mission, His Majesty conducted court per ipsum. His Majesty invited the autocrat, Lord Thorfinn y Elsford, to speak about the challenges of the day and to recognize those who were victorious in the various contests. Lord Thorfinn recognized Baron Cormacc mac Gilla Brigde as the victor in the random weapons bear pit; Kawamura no Ryotaro Yoshichi as the victor in the rapier list; Mistress Constance Waite as the victor in the apothecary competition; Lord Hundrthor the Pintsman as the victor in the brewing competition. Lord Hundrthor was also recognized as the Region 2 Brewing Champion.

Baron Cormacc was then called back into His Majesty’s presence and given possession of the chest of toys. The children of the kingdom were called into court and instructed on their mission to wrest control of the chest from His Excellency following honorable chase.

His Majesty stood and offered laudatory words of thanks to the autocrat for a fine event, and to the kitchen crew for the delightful and sumptuous day board that had kept attendees well fed throughout the day with bacon.

His Majesty then called forth all for whom this was their first event or first royal court. Four gentles came forward and were gifted with drinking vessels so that they may continue to enjoy the hospitality of future events.

Sir Arnthor inn Sterki’s presence was commanded. He presented himself in court where His Majesty spoke of the fine works of art Sir Arnthor had made from animal bone, and the sturdy footwear he crafted from the hides. Sir Arnthor was then inducted into the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll by THL Astraya Royachevicha.

Next followed a command for Sir Tarl MacLave to come forward. His Majesty spoke in earnest of his courtesy, his encouragement of others, and his tacit humility. He stated that Sir Tarl was an example for others to emulate. He then recognized Sir Tarl’s quiet devotion with admission into the Order of the Cornelian. Scroll by Aurelia Argenta Prima.

His Majesty requested that Matthew of Boston come forward. When it was determined that Matthew was not present, another came forward on his behalf. Matthew was then inducted in absentia into the Order of the Sycamore for his metal casting, including site tokens.

His Majesty sought the attendance of Epona. As she was also not present, another came forward on her behalf. His Majesty acknowledged her hard work in the realm of siege warfare and in the medical care of horses with the equestrian community. She was then awarded Arms in absentia for her service.

His Majesty summoned Gandalf Bastardsson into his presence. His Majesty commented on the strength inherent in such a name, likening it to the aura surrounding a modern action hero. He then spoke of the value of those who prepare and maintain the settings and provide the ambiance that enables the populace to enjoy major camping events. In recognition of his work setting up and tearing down camp sites, His Majesty awarded Gandalf Arms.

There being no further business, the court of His Majesty was closed.