Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Anna Leigh, Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Coronation of Gareth and Juliana, April 6, Anno Societatis LIII, in the Shire of Sunderoak, as recorded by Maestro Orlando di Bene del Vinta, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, with assistance from Master Robert O’Connor, THL Kathryn MacLuing, and THL Sophie Davenport, Silver Buccle Herald.

On Friday evening…

Court was opened and Her Majesty thanked the populace for coming to such a late court, and since this was the beginning of Her final court, their indulgence, as there where many items which needed to be completed. Her Majesty then ordered the names of several gentles that would be receiving awards by Her hand, but were not present at the event, be read so all would know:

Baron Aquila d’Athos to be inducted into the order of the Millrind.

Lady Allison Motherwell to be made a Companion of the Cornelian.

Lord Hrungir Hjailrbrion to be made a Companion of the Golden Alce.

Isabelle de Clare to be receiving an Award of Arms.

Her Majesty asked Duchess Eilis O’Boirne to come and speak with Her. She spoke of all of the love and support she had given to Her Majesty over Her reign and thanked her for traveling to this event to help support Her. For these gifts she was given an Augmentation of Arms.

Eilis Augmentation

Duchess Eilis O’Bourne of the West Kingdom receives an Augmentation of Arms. Photo by Baron Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg.

THL Shirin of Susa was summoned to attend Her Majesty and for all of the support and service she provided Her Majesty and the scribal community she was made a Baroness of the Court.

Shirin Court Barony

THLady Shirin is made a Court Baroness. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Her Majesty called for THL Maggie Rue to attend her. She then spoke of her amazing work on the kingdom Facebook pages and for this was given an Award of Excellence.

THL Aine O’Muirghesan next appeared, and Her Majesty spoke highly of her thoughtfulness and quiet service to the kingdom in her role as chronicler and so did make her a Baroness of the Court. Scroll by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix.

Aine Court Barony

THLady Aine is made a Court Baroness. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Lady Sigrid Schreiber was next made Baroness of the Court for the art that she had made that had touched Her Majesty’s heart and for the largess she has supplied to the kingdom. Scroll is a work in progress.

Sigrid Court Barony

Lady Sigrid is made a Court Baroness. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Master Madoc Arundel was summoned to speak with Her and for service to Her Majesty and the kingdom was made a Baron of the Court.

Madoc Court Barony

Master Madoc is made a Court Baron. Photo by Baron Steffan.

She also mentioned that She had business with his wife, Viscountess Lucilla Theresa de Courtenay, for similar reason, but she was not in attendance, so Her Majesty then made it known that she would receive an Award of Excellence. Illumination by THL Edana the Red, calligraphy by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix

Lady Murdia Drusilla Vettia Portia was summoned and Her Majesty spoke of her great skill in drumming and her illumination she provided to the kingdom and for this she was made a Companion of the Sycamore. Scroll by THL Mairghread Stoibheard inghean ui Choinne

THL Ru Cavorst was summoned to speak with Her Majesty. The orders of the White Scarf, Rose, and Garnet were then summoned. He was then released from previous service and a brief discussion was had about what makes a man a Don, and then he was induced into the Order of the White Scarf. Illumination by Lord Sasson della Sancta Victoria, calligraphy by THL Shirin al Susa.

Ru White Scarf

THLord Ru is inducted into the White Scarf. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Her Majesty ask to speak with THL Edana the Red and spoke of her many years of service to the kingdom and to Her Majesty. She also spoke of all the largess she had given the kingdom over the years and for these things she was made a Baroness of the Court. Scroll by Mistress Graidhne ni Ruaidh.

Edana Court Barony

THLady Edana is made a Court Baroness. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Her Majesty summoned Don Jacob Martinson and ask him if had an answer to the question that She posed to him and was it his desire to be elevated to the Order of Defense. He said that it was, and then the Masters of Defense that were present were summoned and command that they take him to vigil so that they and other peers could counsel him.

Jacob Sent to Vigil

Don Jacob is sent to vigil for the MoD. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Court was then suspended.

On Saturday morning:

Her Majesty called forward all children and allowed them to select items from the Kingdom toy chest.

Her Majesty then stipulated to the Court business conducted at the Endless Hills Baronial Investiture as previously reported by Don Po Silvertop the Rogue, and further stipulated to the Court business conducted at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship as previously reported by Maestro Orlando di Bene del Vinta.

Next, Her Majesty created Salvatore de la Torres a Baron of the Court in absentia for his great service during Her reign, particular during Gulf Wars. Scroll forthcoming.

Then Lord Simon Savastian Caminante was called before Her Majesty whereupon she spoke of his knowledge, skill, and service to the art of rapier and so inducted him into the Order of the White Scarf. Scroll by Mistress Roberta McMorland, with words by Mistress Gabrielle de Winter.

Simon White Scarf

Lord Simon is inducted into the White Scarf. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Her Majesty then called forward Baroness Adelaide Kramer and did Augment her Arms.

Adelaide Augmentation

Baroness Adelaide received an Augmentation of Arms. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Don Jacob Martinson then presented himself before the throne to answer in the affirmative of his desire to join the Order of Defense. Her Majesty then heard words from the peers of the realm. Princess Juliana Delamare spoke for the Order of the Laurel of everyone knows Jacob’s prowess, but he embodies chivalry, courtesy, loyalty, honor and humility. Count Andreas Morgan then spoke for the Order of Chivalry and told of Don Jacob’s valor, honor, generosity, prowess, and how he is beacon of light for others to follow. Countess Margerite Eisenwald spoke for the Order of the Pelican of his service not only to the fencing community by running practices and tourneys but as a Rapier Champion and Guard to the Queens of AEthelmearc. Countess Ariella of Thornbury spoke as a Royal Peer of the great respect she has for Don Jacob, and told of his prowess, his ability to admit when he’s wrong, and the love and respect he has for his family. Comtesse Elena d’Artois then spoke of the teachability and progress of Don Jacob. Master Clewin Kupferhelbelinc spoke for the Order of Defense of how the community of fencers gave come to view and respect Jacob as a leader. Having been satisfied by the testimony of the peers, Her Majesty then call for Don Jacob to be regaled as a Master of Defense and did receive his oath. She further augmented Master Jacob’s arms. Scroll by Mistress Roberta McMorland, with words by Don Cyrus Augur.

Jacob Mod 2

Don Jacob is made a Master of Defense. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Prince Gareth Kincaid then presented Himself before the Throne to claim that the time had come for her Majesty to step down and given unto Him the Crown that was promised. Her Majesty then called for testimony validating Prince Gareth’s claim. Duke Christopher Rawlyns spoke as the Kingdom Seneschal and did testify that Prince Gareth was victorious in the Crown Tournament and that all kingdom laws had been followed, and so His claim is valid. Baroness Amelia Soteria spoke for the office of Kingdom Minister of the Lists who confirmed that a tournament to determine Her Majesty’s heirs was held and that Prince Gareth was the victor. THL Sophie Davenport then spoke for the office of Silver Buccle Herald and testified that Her Majesty did indeed place a coronet upon Prince Gareth and named Him as Her heir. Satisfied by this testimony, Her Majesty asked for a few more moments for her final business.

Gareth claiming the throne

Prince Gareth claims the throne. Photo by Master Alaxandair o Conchobhair.

Her Majesty then called forward THL McKenna Henderson, Duke Sven Gunnarson, and Duchess Siobhan inghean ua Liathain and did name them as principal members of the Order of the Howling Wolf, a non-armigerous order created to acknowledge the efforts of individuals who lead in the lightheartedness and merrymaking in Our Kingdom. This award is in process through the College of Heralds.


In appreciation for various acts of service throughout Her reign, Her Majesty awarded the Sigil of Ӕthelmearc to the following individuals: Mistress Gabrielle de Winter, Baroness Racheldis of Swansmere, THL McKenna “Red” Henderson, Master Jacob Martinson, Baroness Wilhelmina Boddenham, Master Madoc Arundel, Maestro Orlando di Bene del Vinta, Countess Margarite Eisenwald, Don Simon Caminante, Baroness Edana the Red, Baroness Felice de Thornton, THLady Moniczka Poznanska, Mistress Elyse le Bref, Baron Jasper Longshanks, Lady Aranwen Verch Rhys, Lady Ingunn Halldorsdottir, Baroness Syele Pfeifferin, Katerina McGilledoroughe, Baroness Oddkatla Jonsdottir, Don Ru Cavorst, Don Cyrus Augur, Baron Salvadore de la Torres, Duke Sven Gunnarson, Duchess Siobhan inghean ua Liathain, Duke Christopher Rawlyns, Baroness Elizabeth Arrowsmith, Mistress Antoinette de la Croix, Baron Robert Hawksworth, Lord Nicolo da Vanesia, THL Torvaldr Torgarson, Sir Beatrix Krieger, Sir Thorsol Solinauga, THL Shirin of Susa, Baroness Kelda Jurgenstochter, Mistress Allesandra d’Avignon, Lord Mathias al Tabai, Lady Lucia Augur, Lady Lasairfhiona inghean Aindrias, Nug, Ulf.

Her Majesty then called for Her reign coordinator, Mistress Gabrielle de Winter, and released her and her staff from their duties. She then called for and released her Captain of the Guard, Master Jacob Martinson, and released him and his staff from their Duties. The Silver Buccle Herald, THLady Sophie Davenport, then presented herself and released Maestro Orlando di Bene del Vinta as the Jewel of Ӕthelmearc Herald.

Her Majesty, having concluded Her business and released her staff, called for Her Heir, Prince Gareth, whereupon She informed Him that Her time as Queen was finished and that She wished to retire to Her estates. Gareth knelt before Her Majesty and She placed the Crown on His head and proclaimed Him to be King. He gave his oath to serve, arose, and called for Her Highness Juliana. She knelt before the King and he placed the Crown upon Her head and proclaimed Her to be Queen. The unbroken lineage was recited followed by cheers.


Gareth and Juliana K and Q

Gareth and Juliana ascend the thrones. Photo by Baron Steffan.

With Their Majesties’ leave, the Silver Buccle Herald called for THLord Arias Beltran del Valle and asked if he wished to perform the duties of the Voice of the Crown. He gave his agreement and was charged with the duties of the Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, he then knelt and gave his oath of service to Their Majesties.

Arias Jewel Herald

THLord Arias is named Jewel Herald. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Thus ends the Reign of Her Majesty, Queen Anna Leigh.

In service,

Maestro Orlando di bene del Vinta
Jewel of Ӕthelmearc Herald to Anna Leigh