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Site token

The site token from the Coronation of Byron and Ariella, designed by Master Duncan Blackwater. 

Greetings to the Populace artisans of Æthelmearc from THL Eleanore Godwin, Kingdom Deputy A&S Minister:

Announcing a new A&S challenge for the artisans of the Kingdom: A one-year long Event Token Competition, running from Spring Æcademy 2019 to Spring Æcademy 2020.

How many event tokens have you kept over the years because they are great memories or just beautiful? Well, we want groups to up their game and put some thought into their event tokens!

So, how does one participate, you ask? Volunteer to make your group’s tokens for an event!

First: every group can have at least one entry, and as many as three!

Second: groups have from June 15, 2019 Spring Æcademy to Spring (June date to be announced) Æcademy 2020 to make tokens for their events and present their entries for the competition at Spring Æcademy 2020.

Divisions are :

1. Kingdom Event tokens
2. All Other Events tokens

The reason for this is that the Kingdom events often have a higher budget for tokens, whereas non-kingdom events do not.

Categories are:

A. Period tokens
B. Useful tokens
C. Creative tokens

Each group may have one entry in each category, for a max of three total entries. One token, one category.

So, if your group hosted a Kingdom event, the token from that event would be put in the Kingdom Event token division, in one of the three categories (Period, Useful, or Creative). If your group hosted a regular event, the token for that event can be entered in one of the #2. All Other Events tokens divisions categories, A, B, or C. If your group held three regular events in the time frame, your group gets to enter three different tokens in three different categories!

If your group held one Kingdom event, the token for that gets to be entered into the Kingdom division in one of the three categories. Say your group also held two regular event; those two tokens would be entered in the All Other Events token Division in two of the three categories for a total of 3 entries!

I think this will be an exciting year for the artisans of Æthelmearc, and I look forward to seeing all the entries at Spring Æcademy next Spring!