AEthelmearcSummer Greetings to Sylvan Æthelmearc!

With the approach of Pennsic and new journeys on the horizon, I am in search of a successor for the office of the Kingdom Events Coordinator to train and take over prior to my leave. I have greatly enjoyed my time in this office, as it has helped broaden my understanding of how our wonderful Kingdom operates and has put me in touch with folks across the Kingdom. I highly recommend this office to interested parties of all backgrounds and experiences; it can be an excellent stepping stone for a newer member who wishes to learn more about Æthelmearc, or to a long-time member that may not travel as much, but wants to stay in touch with the events across this Gregarious  Kingdom, or many other things to many other candidates.

While considered a Deputy of the Seneschal Office, the Kingdom Events Coordinator reports to the Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Chronicler, but also works closely with the Kingdom Webminister as a Warranted Webminister (Candidate does not need to be Warranted at time of Application or Acceptance).

An excellent Kingdom Events coordinator will:

  • Be 18+ and a paid SCA Member
  • Have reliable internet and email access.
  • Be proficient with word processing software and be familiar with WordPress or similar blog web apps.
  • Work Directly with the Kingdom Webminister and Chronicler to ensure all incoming event listings conform to Kingdom Policies and are available to print to the Æstel.
  • Work Directly with listing submitters and the Kingdom Seneschal to resolve event conflicts, ensure correct terminology is used, and all required listing items are present prior to listing approval.
  • Post Event listings and placeholders, and update existing listings, in a timely manner (typically within 48 hours).
  • Be patient, courteous, and willing to work with Seneschals, Autocrats, and other members of the populace of the Known World of varying ages, experiences, and comfort using computers.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit a Resume and Letter of Intent by August 15th to resume.events@aethelmearc.org

In Service,

Noble Rhys Penbras ap Dafydd
Kingdom Events Coordinator

Kingdom event sub form