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Fiona of Hartstone and Superman, photograph by Sidney Green

On Saturday, June 29, the event “A Kingdom for my Horse” was hosted by the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands. This event included various activities, including equestrian. The event hosted the Æthelmearc Kingdom Equestrian Championship as well as a challenge/obstacle course and jousting. The Equestrian Marshal in Charge was THL Gesa von Wellenstein and the Championship portion was conducted by Baron Tigernach mac Cathail.  Several riders and horses from the Kingdom competed for the Championship and were joined by several out-of Kingdom riders who participated in the day’s various activities.  The following report was submitted by the Equestrian Marshal in charge of the event (with some editing).

Thundering hooves under the burning sun, in a land were dragons fly, riders of Æthelmearc showed off their skills of arms throughout the day. The day’s first activity was a challenge/obstacle course. Lord Nohaaj was victorious in his quest to slay the dragons and rescue our dearest Baroness Hilderun. Second place was Victoria, followed by John, Fiona, Katja and Katrina.

Lord Nohaaj receives his lance during the Jousting. Photograph by Eilonora inghean an Bhaird

Their Majesties and Royal Highnesses were impressed with the riding performances in front of the court. This was the start of the Kingdom Championship and consisted of the competition known as “Riding Before the Prince.” Recreating an activity from period, this competition challenges the riders to display their skills and that of their horses to their best abilities in order to impress the court. Mistress Gozen was able to impress everyone the most and received the highest scores. She was followed closely in scores by Lady Gesa, Fiona and Catrina. Next in line were THL Aaliz and Victoria.

Mistress Gozen on Rex, Photograph by Lady Pertolongan Kucingyn

The second phase of the championship was a challenge course called Chivalry in Training. In this phase, riders completed a timed course which involved a variety of obstacles and martial targets. THL Aaliz was the master of all skills at arms. Lady Gesa was second, with Mistress Gozen third followed by Fiona and Lord Nohaaj, on his brave war horse Maple.

Lady Aaliz wowed the crowd, holding the unicorn in her teeth, aboard Thelma. Photograph by Lady Sile inghean chein

Following the Championship competition, the court and populace of Æthelmearc and friends gathered to watch the joust. Trampling horses and shattering lances of 6 competitors kept the crowed well entertained. John, Catrina and Victoria were eliminated during the first round. Lord Nohaaj, Katja and Fiona advanced to the second round of the joust. Horses charged, lances shattered, and the crowd cheered. Lord Nohaaj emerged victorious in the joust.

Katja Borsukska and the young jousting mule Frida the Fearsome. Photograph by Eilonora inghean an Bhaird


Scores were tabulated for the riders who completed all portions of the day’s activities, and the winner of the day, with the highest total score was Fiona.

Fiona on Superman. Photograph by Lady Sile inghean chein.

Our Kingdom was enriched this day by the comradery, chivalry and mounted skills demonstrated by the riders. As the Lady of the Lyst, I would like to thank everyone who traveled to this event and rode with us. I wanted to create a fun equestrian day that provided our populace a small view inside of what we do with our four legged partners. I could not have done it without all of you who participated and helped out on the ground, assisting the riders and marshals.

Until next time, Lady of the Lyst, THL Gesa van Wellenstein

THL Gesa on Daisy. Photograph by Lady Sile inghean chein.

Court was held following a procession of Royalty on horseback which has become customary whenever horses are present. At court several equestrians were called to appear before Their Majesties,  Royal Highnesses and the Baron and Baroness. Mistress Gozen was called forward and named the King’s Equestrian Champion. As the regalia was not present at the time, it will be delivered and presented at a later time. Lady Gesa was called forth and named the Queen’s Equestrian Champion and vested with the regalia by Baron Tigernach.  Both received scrolls to commemorate the occasion. THL Aaliz was called forward and declared the winner of the Chivalry in Training portion and was presented with a scroll and belt favor. Mistress Gozen was named the winner of the “Ride Before the Prince” portion and also presented with a scroll and belt favor. Lord Nohaaj received recognition for his wins in the Dragon contest and the Joust, receiving scrolls and favors for his accomplishment. Lady Gesa was called back into court and inducted into the Order of the Golden Lance of Æthelmearc. (And hence in the above account, her name was corrected to reflect this new title.)  The Barony recognized both THL Gesa and Nohaaj for their skills and inducted them into the Order of the Iron Comet as well.

The equestrians of Æthelmearc invite you to join them at the next event which hosts horses and join us in the pageantry and excitement of these activities.

–Mistress Shishido Tora Gozen