This is the Æthelmearc 10-Man team for the Atlantian 10-Man Unbelted Melee at Pennsic. The tourney is Monday, August 5th at 5 pm.

Come on out and support the team! (Last year there were several teams that couldn’t field a full team. Several fighters from our kingdom got into the tourney because they were in armor on the field. I can’t say it’ll happen again…..but you never know!)

  • THL Darian (co captain)
  • THL Taghd (co captain)
  • Baron (THL) William Murray
  • Baron Lothbrok
  • THL Nickolaus Hossvalder
  • THL Torstien
  • THL Cid
  • THL Lotharius
  • THL Rhys
  • THL Tigernach
  • THL Arden Scot
  • THL Burgos
  • THL Guillaume
  • THL Leonardis
  • THL Cormacc