With the permission of Their Royal Majesties, Gareth and Juliana, we are proud to announce the Pennsic 48 Rapier Champions Team for Æthelmearc. Each and every one of these fine warriors will be available to the Midrealm as needed for the upcoming engagements.

  • Master Jacob of Dunmore – Champion to Her Royal Majesty
  • Comtesse Elena d’Artois, OWS
  • Master Benedict Fergus Atte Mede
  • Master Iago Benitez
  • Master Lodovick of Gray’s Inn
  • Master Emily of Dunvegan
  • Master Jacob Martinson
  • Don Po Silvertop, vigilant to the Order of Defense
  • Don Cyrus Augur
  • Baron Robert Hawksworth
  • Lord Gunnarr Ulfr Bani Ed
  • Lord Mathias Al Tabai

Please give them your congratulations and support!

Rapier melee

Photo by Mikus Magellus.