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The report for the Court Their Sylvan Majesties, Gareth and Juliana,  held on July 6, AS 54 (2019) at Pax Interruptus in the Barony of Thescorre.  Reported by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, with the assistance of THL Zofia Kowalewska, White Horn Herald, and Mistress Gytha Oggsdottir, Silver Sycamore Herald.

Morning Court:
Their Majesties gave leave to Their Excellencies Thescorre to open their court.  It was announced in Baronial Court that all new people should seek out the Chatelaine to receive a welcome gift.

Their Majesties then called for THL Alina Marie de Valenciennes before them.  They spoke of how Their Beloved ancestor Anna Leigh had requested that Her Ladyship sit vigil for contemplation to be elevated to the Peerage and asked if she was still willing to do so.  When Her Ladyship said yes, Their Majesties summoned the Noble Order of the Pelican.  The Order agreed that they too wished for her to sit vigil.   Her Excellency, Viscountess Eleanore of Waldren came forward and then took back her belt from Her Ladyship so that she was free of obligations. Their Majesties agreed this was right and asked that the Order and Her Ladyship wait a moment.

Alina gives belt back

Viscountess Eleanor receives Lady Alina’s protege belt back. Photo by Baron Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg.

Baron Padraig O’Branduibh was then called forth.  Their Majesties asked if he was prepared to sit vigil as They had requested of him.  He said yes.  His Majesty then said that His Excellency could not properly contemplate the weight of the Peerage as he had obligations to Crown and Barony as sitting Baron of the Rhydderich Hael and asked that His Excellency return the Coronet of the Hael, to be held in trust by Their Majesties, until after the evening Court.

Padraig to vigil

Baron Padraig processes into court. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Both candidates were taken by the Order of the Pelican to sit vigil and Court of Their Majesties was suspended.

Evening Court
Upon reopening Their Court, Their Majesties called for the children of the Realm and invited them to follow Drurar to the back of the hall to select a toy from the Kingdom Toy Box.


The children receive royal largesse. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Their Majesties then gave leave to Their Excellencies Thescorre to resume their court.

Upon completion of Baronial Court, Their Majesties invited all gentles for whom this was their first event or Royal Court, to join them.  They welcomed all who came forward and gave them a mug as a token of welcome and hopes that those mugs would be filled with refreshment and friendship.

Gaelan of Myrkfaelinn came before Their Majesties.  It was remarked that this young  man is always found on the Thrown Weapons and Archery fields.  For this he was inducted into the Order of the Silver Alce.  Scroll by Lady Murdia Drusilla Vettia Portia.

Their Majesties then demanded the presence of Gwen Cooke.  Their Majesties spoke of this good lady’s service as Autocrat and scribe.  How she is active with the Thrown Weapons community and was just named Arts and Sciences Champion for the Barony of Thescorre.  For all this she was Awarded Arms.  Scroll by THL Abigail Kelhoge and THL Shirin al Sussiyya.

Gwen Cook

Gwen receives an AoA. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Amelot Noiset was summoned into Court where Their Majesties said that word had reached them about her activities promoting the bardic arts.  This brought joy to Their hearts and the did Award her Arms.   Scroll was calligraphed by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, device painted by Gabriella Francesca dela Rosa, the illumination was unsigned.

Amelot AoA

Amelot receives an AoA. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Next Eleanor McMorland was called for as her embroidery, quiet service and inspiration was something to be recognized.  Thus did Their Majesties Award her Arms.  Scroll by Mistress Roberta McMorland.

Eleanor McMoreland

Eleanor receives an AoA. Photo by Baron Steffan.

For his service to the Barony of Delftwood as historian, herald, set up and tear down guy and most recently as sitting Baron, Their Majesties did induct Baron Ixac ben Simone into the Order of the Keystone.  Scroll forthcoming.

Ixac Keystone

Baron Ixac receives a Keystone. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Their Majesties then requested that Lady Simonetta d’Alfassi present herself.  This good lady can always be found marshalling and running archery ranges, helping in the kitchens of the Rhydderich Hael, retaining and much more.  For this she was inducted into the Order of the Keystone.  Scroll by Lady Sebastienne la Rousse.

Simonetta Keystone

Lady Simonetta receives a Keystone. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Lord Rikarder in blakki Bjarn was then presented his scroll for induction into the Order of the Keystone that had not been present at a previous event.  (Herald apologizes that the name of the scribe was not noted.)

Their Majesties then spoke of one who greets everyone with a smile, welcomes new people into the Society and helps to run the tent that makes Æthelmearc so hospitable at Pennsic.  For all this was THL Lasairfhiona inghean Aindraias inducted into the Order of the Cornelian.  Scroll by THL Felice de Thornton.

Lasairfhiona Cornelian

THLady Lasairfhiona receives a Cornelian. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Next Sir Aquila d’Athos was summoned.  Their Majesties said that their predecessor had wished to recognize him but that she had been unable to connect and thus is was Their honor to induct him into The Order of the Millrind and present him with a scroll by Lady Nichola Beese.

Aquila Millrind

Sir Aquila receives a Millrind. Photo by Baron Steffan.

While the Order of the Millrind was still in court, Their Majesties noted that it was still lacking.  Therefore the called for THL Moniczka Elzbietka Poznanska.  For her years of service to the Shire of Angels Keep, largess and sitting at the tolner’s table, she was added to the rolls of the Order.  Scroll by Lady Genevote Nau d’Anjou.

Moniczka Millrind

THLady Moniczka receives a Millrind. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Next, Their Majesties then requested Mistress Rowena ni Dhonnchaidh to present herself before Them.  His Majesty said that it had been noted that the Kingdom would be lacking in Presence without the hard work of this lady.  She had made and donated sunshades and pavilions, has made and donated banners as well.  She sits at the Hospitality tables and works demos to bring new members into the Society.  His Majesty then presented her with a coronet made by His Hands and named her a Baroness of the Court.  Scroll by Lady Gwen Cooke.

Rowena Court Barony

Mistress Rowena receives a Court Barony. Photo by Baron Steffan.

THL Alina Marie de Valenciennes then came forward.  Their Majesties asked if she had sat vigil and if she was willing to continue and become a member of the Order of the Pelican.  When she said she was, the Order of the Pelican was summoned.  Their Majesties then asked for witnesses to THL Alina’s worthiness.  Sir Aquila d’Athos spoke on behalf of the Order of the Chivalry.  Master Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn’s words were read by Mistress Matilda Bosville de Bella Aqua for the Order of the Laurel.  The Royal Peers were spoken for by Duchess Branwen ferch Gwythyr.  Lord SIgurdr Isolfsson brought words from Sir Haakon Oaktall, Premiere Jewel of Æthelmearc.  The Order of the Pelican was represented by Viscountess Eleanore of Waldren.  Their Majesties found themselves satisfied with the words spoken in favor of Her Ladyship and called for a cloak to designate her new station.  Viscountess Eleanore presented the cloak that she was gifted with upon her elevation and placed it about Her Ladyship’s shoulders.  Mistress Roberta McMorland brought forth the ancestral pelican medallion of the order, which their Majesties entrusted to Her Ladyship.  A gift of a personal medallion was gifted from House Highrafters. Their Majesties accepted her oath of fealty and presented her as the newest member of the Order of the Pelican as the scroll by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova was read.   Mistress Alina Marie de Valenciennes was asked to join the other members as there was further business with the Order of the Pelican.

Alina Pelican

THLady Alina swears fealty as a Pelican. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Their Majesties then called for Baron Padraig O’Branduibh to come forth.  He confirmed that he too had sat vigil during the day, hearing the words of the people, and if Their Majesties so agreed, would join the Order of the Pelican.  Witnesses were called for to speak to the virtues of the man.  Count Andreas Morgan sent words through Sir Dominic McMorland and told of the virtue of Courage that His Excellency shows.  His wisdom was spoken of by Robert of Sugargrove, Master of the Laurel, whose words were read by His Highness Timothy.  Master Jacob Dunmore read the words of Master Illadore de Bedagrayne, Premiere Master of Defense for the Kingdom of the West, who confirmed that His Excellency displayed the virtue of Justice in all his actions.  Duchess Meirwen uerch Owein, Lady of the Rose, spoke of the Temperance of His Excellency.  The Order of the Pelican was represented by His Excellency’s wife, Mistress Juliana Rosalia Dolce di Sienna, who spoke of his kindness.  Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, 37th Jewel of Æthelmearc spoke on his dedication to the Society and its people.  Finding no fault with the candidate, Their Majesties called for a cloak, which was presented by His Excellency’s Protégé sisters.  Duchess Rowan de la Garnisson presented him with a Cap of Maintenance. Mistress Alina Marie de Valenciennes presented the ancestral pelican medallion to His Excellency, and Baroness Ekaterina Volkova passed to him a medallion she was gifted with upon her elevation.  His Excellency then gave his oath of fealty.  After accepting his oath, Their Majesties reinstated him as the Territorial Baron of the Rhydderich Hael.  Promissory scroll by Mistress Sthurrim Caithness, words by Lord Evan Quicktongue.

Padraig Pelican

Master Padraig with his Pelican promissory scroll. Photo by Baron Steffan.

THL Abigail Kelhoge was the asked to present herself.  His Majesty asked if she knew why she had been summoned.  Her Ladyship said she did not.  Their Majesties said there was a group of people who wished to have some words with her and called forth the Order of the Laurel.  Her Ladyship was then instructed to go with the Order and sit vigil at a mutually agreed upon time and place.

Abigail Laurel Writ

Lady Abigail receives a Writ for the Laurel. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Her Majesty then called for Lord Snorri skyti Bjarnarson and named him Queen’s Inspiration for the day.

Snorri Queen's Inspiration

Lord Snorri is named Queen’s Inspiration. Photo by Baron Steffan.

Those scribes that had scrolls presented in court this day were asked to stand and were thanked for their work and donations.

As the weather and site conditions made the day a bit difficult, Their Majesties called forth those gentles that retained and guarded them and gave them tokens of thanks.

His Majesty then addressed the populace and spoke that massive armies were approaching and asked that all who could attend the great Pennsic War in August to please help where they could, upon the fields of battle, volunteering for event locations or at Kingdom Hospitality to show the Known World the glory that is Æthelmearc.

There being no further business, the court of Gareth and Juliana was closed.