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Bog U students & teachers!

We are ready for an amazing year, with a new tent (YEAH!) and as a formal part of Pennsic University.

  1. We don’t have enough volunteers, so there will be a sheet hanging in the tent.
  2. Teachers, please make a note of the number of people in your class and update it. This is an honor system, please don’t buff your numbers to make yourself look mighty, it doesn’t impact anything but your ego. We all KNOW you are mighty, even if no one shows up, and we want you teaching again. We just wanna track usage.
  3. Please remember that unlike Central Campus, which has a very public space surrounding the classrooms (Kingdom encampments, first aid, parking for the carts, etc.), you are in people’s front and side yards at Bog U. E24 has been incredibly kind and accepting as we’ve grown, and with the move to being a formal Pennsic University extension this year, the block has given up LAND for us. As a long-time, dedicated Boglodyte, my assistant Muirenn is very concerned for her neighbors’ comfort. So, for her sake and her neighbors’, please remember to treat the area the way you would treat anyone else’s yard.

As usual, I will be mostly busy doing other stuff, but if you have any Bog U questions during War Week, see Muirenn at Regnesfolke.

During Peace Week, please direct any Bog U issues to Pennsic University.

Dean Hilarius