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AEthelmearc Royal gate. Photo by Baroness Katja

If you are at Pennsic, stop by Æthelmearc Royal to admire the lovely new sheet walls and gate entry to the public part of the encampment.

The shorter walls are easier for gentles to raise and lower, while the wider entryway is easier for gentles in scooters or wheelchairs to access, not to mention gentles pulling handcarts.

While you are there… please consider signing up for a shift at Hospitality, that entryway you are admiring. Many slots are unfilled at this point in the War.

New walls for AEthelmearc Royal. Photo by Baroness Katja

Volunteers working Hospitality:

  1. sit in the shade
  2. sit in front of an electric fan
  3. can charge up their phones or devices

Hospitality is an easy two-hour volunteer job — it’s most often greeting gentles, directing them to the scribal or meeting tents, verifying whether the Royalty are inside or seeing visitors, taking messages, handing out bingo sheets, and welcoming gentles to rest, drink water, or charge their devices. There is always an experienced volunteer with each shift, so even if you’ve never done it before or don’t know how to answer a question..

Sign-up is in the schedule binder at Hospitality Table. Shifts are two hours long.

Reporting by Baroness Katja (Chris Adler-France)