From Their Excellencies Rhydderich Hael

We, Padraig and Juliana, Baron and Baroness of the Rhydderich Hael, had the honor and privilege of holding a Regency Court in Their Majesties and Their Highnesses names. They charged us with delivering a Writ to contemplate Elevation to the Order of the Pelican to His Lordship Cynwulf Rendell at His Home Estate. Rendell has served the archery and thrown weapons communities specifically but also the whole of Æthelmearc. His work, mentoring and love for the Society is to be commended and celebrated. His Elevation is planned for Harvest Raid.

The Writ

Their Royal Highnesses, Timothy and Gabrielle, Prince and Princess of Sylvan AEthelmearc under agreement with Their Royal Majesties, Gareth and Juliana, King and Queen, to His Lordship Cynwulf Rendell, our most noble subject from the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael: We have been brought to dwell upon the quality of your service and the nature of your character. Acting always with honor, courtesy, and loyalty toward us and our populace, you are to our minds beyond reproach. Your service to the archery and thrown weapons communities has transcended borders and strengthened the entire realm. Many a shire and barony within our kingdom has experienced your handiwork, and the handiwork of your students. Targets across the kingdom are full of arrows, bolts, axes, and knives because of you. For this we command you, strictly enjoining you in the love and fidelity which binds you to the crown, to consult with trusted members of our populace, and contemplate elevation into the Order of the Pelican. Furthermore, we demand that you meet us in our court to inform us of your decision. So decreed by Prince Timothy and Princess Gabrielle, King Gareth and Queen Juliana. Witnessed and delivered by Baron Padraig and Baroness Juliana at regency court held in the estate of Cynwulf Rendell and Eleanore Godwyn on September 10th, A.S. 54.

Regency Court Report, held in the Rhydderich Hael, September 10, AS 54

Being the report of the Regency Court of Their Majesties, Gareth and Juliana, and Their Royal Highnesses, Timothy and Gabrielle, held by Their Excellencies, Padraig and Juliana of the Rhydderich Hael, at the home of THL Cynwulf Rendell and THL Eleanore Godwyn on September 10th, A.S. 54, reported by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

Before those assembled, His Excellency Padraig spoke of how Their Majesties and Highnesses have heard and seen the good work His Lordship Cynwulf Rendell has done to promote the Archery and Thrown Weapons arts throughout the Kingdom of Æthelmearc and her neighbors. That because of his work, ranges have happened, inspections occurred, new marshals trained.

The Order of the Pelican made themselves known and it as announced that Their Highnesses wish for His Lordship to present himself to Their Court at a future date to answer if he will join the Order of the Pelican.

There being no further business, The Regency Court of Their Majesties and Highesses, held by Their Excellencies of the Rhydderich Hael was thereby closed.