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Report of the Court of Their Majesties, Gareth and Juliana, Sylvan King and Queen of AEthelmearc, at A Kingdom for A Horse, on June 29, AS 54.

Their Majesties opened Court an hour earlier than scheduled, to the delight of many.

The children present were invited before Their Majesties, as was Lord Olaf with the ever-popular toychest. The children waited (im)patiently for Olaf to get a head start with the toychest before their quest for the goodies within began.

Those gentles for whom either this event, or the previous royal progress event, was the first royal court they’d attended were invited forward by Their Majesties to be recognized, thanked, and given a hand made ceramic mug in appreciation for their attendance.


Newcomers to the SCA receive mugs from Their Majesties.

Their Majesties called the day’s autocrat, Lady Gesa von Wellenstein, to recall the days challenges and victors. Their Majesties next called in their previous equestrian champion, Mistress Gozen, to announce the winner of the Kingdom Equestrian tournament. Fiona Cormack was invited forward and announced the victor in the day’s challenges.

Riders favors

Riders are called before Their Majesties, and Fiona is named the winner of the games.

Because of weather concerns and responsibilities with the horses, Their Majesties called back Lady Gesa to praise her for today’s efforts and her continued service and leadership in the equestrian community. Their Majesties then called the Order of the Golden Lance to come forward, and inducted Gesa into the order.

Gesa Golden Lance

Lady Gesa is inducted into the Golden Lance.

Next, Their Majesties called Lord Meinulfr Grimmson before them. They have noticed his skill on the thrown weapons range and his work in the thrown weapons community. His tenures as BMDL and Kingdom thrown weapons champion moved them to award him a Golden Alce. Scroll by Isabella Montoya.

Meinulfr Golden Alce

Lord Meinulfr receives a Golden Alce.

Their Majesties then called Lord Alistair MacLeod to come before them, who is now going by the name Skjoldr Bjorn. His service to the kingdom has been duly noted and appreciated, as a voice herald, marshal for heavy weapons and archery, and he assists at the gate at many events, so Their Majesties awarded him a Keystone. Scroll by Isabella Montoya.

Skjoldr Keystone

Lord Skjoldr receives a Keystone.

Tierrany Rose Orre was next called into court and Their Majesties spoke of her service as largess coordinator for the BMDL, and serving the BMDL populace camp at Pennsic. They were so moved to award her Arms. Scroll by Mistress Luceta and Nickolai Voronovich.

Tierrany AoA

Tierrany Rose receives an AoA.

Their Majesties requested the presence of Lady Aurelia Argentia Prima. They noted her work with the Moneyers Guild- she researches, designs, and carves dies for making period coins that have been becoming more common all across the kingdom. She also takes time to teach others in the making of silver chains. In recognition of her skills she was  awarded a Sycamore. Scroll, by Mistress Graidhne ni Ruaidh, is a work in progress.

Argentia Sycamore

Lady Aurelia receives a Sycamore.

Next Their Majesties called Lord Brahen Lapidario before them, and also lauded his efforts with the Moneyers Guild, seeing how he and his wife Aurelia have been working together. Brahen was also awarded a Sycamore, which is also a work in progress by Mistress Graidhne.

Brahen Sycamore

Lord Brahen receives a Sycamore.

Lord Ronan O’Connal was called from behind the dais of Their Excellencies of the Debatable Lands to come before Their Majesties. He serves in heralding court for both the BMDL and the kingdom, and recently has taken the position of sycamore herald. He is also an archery marshal. Thus Their Majesties awarded him a Keystone. Scroll by Baroness Shirin al-Sussiyya.

Ronan Keystone

Lord Ronan receives a Keystone.

Their Majesties called Lord Duncan MacCoulagh to come before them. His prowess in thrown weapons was noted, having been BMDL thrown weapons champion and on the Pennsic 47 Thrown Weapons team, and was awarded a Golden Alce. Scroll by Baroness Shirin.

Next, Their Majesties invited Sile inghean Chein before them. She has been noticed on the archery and thrown weapons ranges, involved with equestrian activities, seen retaining, and on the field as water bearer. This pleases Their Majesties greatly and so she was awarded Arms. Scroll by Aurelia Argentia Prima.

Sile AoA

Sile receives an AoA.

Their Majesties brought before them THL Margery Kent of York. Her longtime service to her kingdom was lauded, as was her welcoming attitude to all around her, especially with newcomers to our society, and especially while working at troll. For these acts, Margaret was presented an Award of Excellence.

Margery Excellence

THLady Margery receives the Order of Excellence.

Their Majesties then asked Gesa von Wellenstein to come forward once more so as to be recognized as Queen’s Equestrian Champion. Mistress Gozen was also called forward to be named as King’s Champion.

Gesa Queens Champ

THLady Gesa is named Queen’s Equestrian Champion.

Gozen Kings Champ

THLady Gesa is named Queen’s Champion, Mistress Gozen is named King’s Equestrian Champion.

Their Majesties next asked all those who served as grounds crew and riders to stand and be recognized for their participation and help in making the day a glorious one.

Their Majesties wished all scribes and wordsmiths to stand and be recognized for contributing to the beautiful scrolls that were awarded that day.

Her Majesty wished to recognize Her Ladyship Gesa and Lord Nohaaj as Queen’s inspirations for the day.

There being no further business, the Court of Their Majesties was closed.

Reported by Kieran MacRae

All photos by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.