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  • A skin being stretched. Photo by Mistress Abigail.What? A Parchment and Ink-making Workshop!
  • When? Saturday & Sunday, October 19th & 20th, starting at 10:00 a.m. until done
  • Where? Abigail’s farm in southern Thescorre (Nunda, NY). (PM or call 585-468-2669 for directions)
  • Should I bring anything? A bagged lunch, notebook, and camera.
  • But what do I wear? Mucky clothes; rubber boots, gloves, something to cover your hair, aprons provided. A plastic bag and a change of clothes will make your ride home enjoyable. We will be both inside and outside for this dual workshop.

On Saturday, Mistress Abigail Kelhoge will demonstrate the parchment-making process from start to finish; get as hands on or be as hands off as you like. Tools, techniques, and probably mistakes in our favorite cooking show format (yes, the one on the stretcher is already done).

On Sunday, THL Robert L’Etourdi will go through the ink-making process from start to finish. At the end we will use some of the ink to make colored parchment. If time allows, Sunday afternoon will be devoted to prepping and using finished parchment.
All participants will leave with handouts, a finished piece of parchment, and a small bottle of ink.

Guests are welcome to crash, camp, or commute (crash space is limited). For disinterested family members, we have some lovely hiking trails on our property, we are close to the Greenway and Letchworth State Parks, and I will happily provide a list of other fun activities available in the area.

  • Allergies: We have a dog, cats, chickens, rabbits, weeds, and there will be smelly stuff; this is not a nut-free facility.
  • Accessibility: Our farm is on a hill, so please watch your step. The house is not readily wheelchair accessible and the yard is difficult terrain. Bathrooms do have handrails.