Being the Court Report of Their Sylvan Majesties, Gareth and Juliana, held on September 24, AS 54 (2019) at Summer’s End in the Canton of Beau Fleuve as reported by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

Morning Court on the Field

Their Majesties called for Baroness Cordelia Colton. Their Majesties confirmed that they had issued her a writ to sit vigil to contemplate elevation into the Order of the Pelican. Upon receiving verification from Her Excellency that she wished to continue, the Order of the Pelican was called forth to escort her to a place set up for her to sit vigil.

Next, Their Majesties called for THL Abigail Kelhoge. She did confirm that she had received a writ to sit vigil and was willing to contemplate inclusion into the Order of the Laurel. That Order was then summoned and asked to escort Her Ladyship to the place set aside for her.

Court of Their Majesties was then suspended.

Evening Court in the Hall – with the attendance of Their Royal Highnesses, Timothy and Gabrielle.

Their Majesties invited Their Excellencies, Padraig and Juliana, Baron and Baroness of the Rhydderich Hael to join them.

Wishing to promote hospitality and welcoming, Their Majesties invited forward all for whom this was their first event or Royal Court and presented those that approached with a glass, so that they would never know thirst and know they are welcome in the Society.

Next, the Royal Toybox was sent out of the hall. Then the children of the Kingdom were called forth and released upon the unsuspecting box tender.


The children prepare to chase the toybox. Photo by Michelle DeBuyser.

Their Majesties then invited Their Excellencies to hold their court.

Upon completion of Baronial Court, Their Majesties called for Lady Simonetta d’Alfassi, Lady Siobhan Readnait, Lady Mara of Hartstone and THL Renata D’Rouge. These four ladies founded the Sisterhood of Bellona, who set up quiet areas and provide items for people who need a safe space to take a break during an event. They have shown hospitality and courtesy to all and for this do Their Majesties inducted them into The Order of the Cornelian. Scrolls by Zillaha, Aurelia Argentia Prima, Graidhne ni Ruaidh, Cathail O’Connor and the Scribes of Æthelmearc.

Lord Dar Oak was awarded a Keystone in absentia for his service recording and preserving the history of Æthelmearc through Photography. Scroll by Ekaterina Volkova

A Golden Escarbuncle was awarded in absentia to Lady Artemisia da Manarola for her dedicated work promoting the performing arts, especially at Ice Dragon, despite adverse conditions. Scroll by Arianna of Wynthrope.

Next, Their Majesties called for Lord Cobinus De Cuvis. This good gentle is an active marshal in six different fields of martial activities, and often gives up participating so that there will be a marshal and others can partake. For all this he was inducted into The Order of the Millrind. Scroll forthcoming from Murdia Drusilla Vettia Portia.

Master Madoc Arundel was not granted permission to leave with the Order of the Millrind, as Their Majesties had business with him that they tried to do at Pennsic. It has been noted that he promotes hospitality and merriment through his work with the Brewers’ Guild of Æthelmearc. For this Their Majesties did name him to The Order of the Howling Wolf.

Maisterin Elisabeth Johanna von Flossenburg was then asked to present herself to Their Majesties. His Majesty remarked that every time she is at an event, she looks like she stepped out of a manuscript. And that while there is an award for Authentic Appearance on the Field, there has been none for those that do not partake in the military arts. And thus They were naming her as the Principal of the Order of Merit for Non-Martial Appearance that they hope to be named The Gilded Mirror.

Elisabeth Gilded Mirror

Mistress Elisabeth receives a Gilded Mirror. Photo by Michelle DeBuyser.

His Majesty then asked the Populace to give a moment of silence for Master Lugh the Black, who had made Crowns for the Kingdom and many of the Order Medallions that people wear, as he had passed from this life the day before.

Their Majesties then summoned Baroness Cordelia Colton before them. They did confirm that she has sat vigil and would accept admission to the Order of the Pelican. The Order was then called and they, too, confirmed that they wished for her to join them. His Majesty then asked if there were witnesses to attest to her worthiness. Duke Maynard von den Steine spoke on behalf of the Order of Chivalry. The Laurels were represented by Mistress Geirny Thorgrimsdotter. Countess Margerite Eisenwald spoke on behalf of the Ladies of the Rose. Duchess Dorinda Courtenay spoke for the Order of Defense. Baroness Elisabeth Johanna von Flossenburg gave testimony as a Jewel of Æthelmearc and Mistress Cori Ghora spoke on behalf of the Order of the Pelican. Their Majesties, agreeing that this was right and proper, called for a medallion, a mantle and a hat to mark her new station. They then received her Oath and welcomed her to the Order of the Pelican. Scroll forthcoming.


Baroness Cordelia is inducted into the Pelican. Photos by Michelle DeBuyser.

After the Order of the Pelican did clear the hall, Their Majesties called for Countess Margerite Eisenwald. It was observed that she is the epitome of courtesy and grace and that her service is above and beyond the expected for her Kingdom and especially the youth of the Society. For all this Their Majesties did name her Their Jewel of Æthelmearc. Scroll by Graidhne ni Ruadh and Lady Ana Yanka.

Margerite Jewel

Countess Margerite is made a Jewel of AEthelmearc. Photo by Duchess Dorinda Courtenay.

THL Abigail Kelhoge was then called before Their Majesties. She did attest that she did sit vigil and was prepared to join The Order of the Laurel. The Order was called for and they did agree that she should be a member. Witnesses were then called for. Sir Thorsol Sonlinauga did speak for the Order of Chivalry. Baroness Elisabeth Johanna von Flossenburg gave witness on behalf of the Order of the Pelican. The Order of Defense was represented by Duchess Dorinda Courtenay. His Royal Highness Timothy of Arendale spoke on her behalf as a Royal Peer and Mistress Cori Ghora read the testimony of Mistress Alfrun Ketta for the Order of the Laurel. Their Majesties agreed that she should be a part of the order and called for a medallion, a cloak and a wreath. The Ancestral Pastry was then presented to her and it was questioned if, because of allergies, there was an ingredient list. The order agreed that she should not eat the pastry, and just display it until it could be passed on. Next Their Majesties did accept her oath and welcome her as a Mistress of the Laurel. Scroll by THL Felice de Thornton.


THLady Abigail is inducted into the Order of the Laurel. Photo by Michelle DeBuyser.

Duchess Siobhan inghean ui Liathain was then asked to present herself to Their Majesties. Her Grace has made a name for herself, both within the Society and the Mundane Academic Circles for her knowledge in Iron Age Finnish clothing. The Order of the Laurel was then called back and asked if they would take Her Grace and help her sit vigil on a date agreed upon by her and the Royal Family, so that she may contemplate joining the Order of the Laurel.

Her Majesty then spoke of a youth who has served long and hard, despite her young age. That she has overseen the creation of dayboards for several Summer’s End events and Ice Dragon. Wentliana verch Meuric was named Queen’s Inspiration of the Day and given a Golden Escarbuncle.

Those scribes that contributed to scrolls presented were asked to stand and be recognized.

His Majesty then thanked all those who attended and served at Pennsic, be it on the field, retaining, or working in the various event departments. He was proud to see so many members of Æthelmearc helping to make the war happen.

Court was then suspended.

Later in the hall

Court was resumed and the following people were announced to have been made subjects of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc:

Rye Aleson
Kit Sune
Garryck Solrekker
Barsuna Garryckdottir
Loki Garrckson

Court for Their Majesties, Gareth and Juliana was then closed.