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Being the Chronicle of the Courts of Timothy and Gabrielle, King and Queen of Sylvan Æthelmearc, held on the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth days of September, AS 54 (2019), at Harvest Raid in the Shire of Heronter. Submitted by Lord Snorri skyti Bjarnarson, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, assisted by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, and Mistress Gytha Oggsdottir, Silver Sycamore Herald.

During evening court [on Friday]:

Their Majesties, having been seated upon Their seats, bade the assembled populace to seek their comfort, then summoned to them Her Grace, Duchess Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin. They asked her if she had considered their invitation to join the Order of the Laurel, and Her Grace replied that she had indeed well-considered it, and wished wholeheartedly to proceed. Their Majesties then sent her off with the members of the Laurel there present to sit vigil.

Siobhan Laurel Friday

Duchess Siobhan prepares to go on Vigil for the Laurel. Photo by Lady Isabetta Orsini.

There being no further business, court was suspended until such time as Their Majesties desired.

The next morning, His Majesty and many other gentles did assemble at the Estates of THL Cynwulf Rendell and THL Eleanore Godwin, and court was called to order by Baroness Ekaterina.

Upon resuming His Court, His Majesty Timothy thanked all those that were able make the journey so that the court and proceedings could happen.

His Majesty then called for THL Eleanore Godwin. His Majesty spoke of the dedicated work she has done for Barony and Kingdom in promoting the arts, producing scrolls and encouraging and making Archery and Thrown Weapons happen. For all this she was inducted into the Order of the Millrind. Scroll forthcoming.

His Majesty then addressed THL Cynwulf Rendell and thanked him for allowing the Court of Æthelmearc to come into his home. The Order of the Pelican was then called and asked if they agreed that this good man should join their ranks. The walls reverberated with affirmation and the King called for testimony of witnesses. Viscountess Susan of Foxmeadow, spoke for the Royal Peers and praised Rendell’s generosity, charity and open and welcoming nature. Ladies Simonetta d’Alfassi and Siobhan Readnait read the words of Belgraunde the Bladegatherer on behalf of the Populace. Mistress Cori Ghora spoke as Jewel of Æthelmearc and said how Rendell was a treasure to the entire Society. Baron Carolus Loke of Bae Blaidd Gwael read the words of Earl Yngvar the Dismal, Knight of the Society. Baroness Isolda filia Georgii read the words of Master Dorinda Courtenay, Master of Defense. Master Charles of Alden’s words on behalf of the Order of the Pelican were then shared to all.

Rendell and Eleanore 2 Mikus

Master Rendell and THLady Eleonore. Photo by Lord Mikus Magellus.

His Majesty, finding the actions right and proper then called for a medallion to be placed around Rendell’s neck. A cloak was then brought forth and the lineage of the cloak from Mistress Cori Ghora to Mistress Jenna MacPherson of the Lion’s Tower and to him. Next a Cap of Maintenance was presented. His Majesty then accepted Cynwulf Rendell’s oath and the scroll by THL Zofia Kowalewska was read proclaiming him to be the newest member of the Order of the Pelican.


There being no further business, the court of His Majesty was suspended.

That evening, after a day of passable weather, fine fellowship, fierce martial pursuits, sumptuous foods, and noble arts, Their Majesties did again call all gentles there present to attend Their court.

Their Majesties, having been seated upon their most noble throne Armando, and bidding the populace to seek their comfort, spoke to the populace about the excellence of the event, and the fineness of the Shire of Heronter. Having addressed the populace, They called for Fela Flußmüllnerin. They spoke warmly of her contributions to the Arts and Sciences of our Kingdom, notable in one so young of age, and awarded unto her a Silver Sycamore. Scroll by Lady Katharina of the Twin Moons, with text by Baroness Amalie Reinhardt.

Fela Silver Sycamore

Fela receives a Silver Sycamore. Photo by Lord Mikus magellus.

Next, they had summoned to Them Kai O Kennavain. Speaking admiringly of this young man’s impressive service at his young age to the Society, they awarded to him a Silver Buccle. Scroll by THL Sasson della Sancta Victoria with text by Lady Meg.

Kai Silver Buccle

Kai receives a Silver Buccle. Photo by Lord Mikus.

The youth awards then being accomplished, Their Majesties called for all children present to approach the throne, and entrusted the care and distribution of the Kingdom toychest to their fifth and sixth heirs, Douglas of Arindale and Timothy the Younger. These fine boys, being old hands at this adventure, quickly decamped for the surrounding fields, followed shortly thereafter in mad chase by the assembled youths of the kingdom.


The children prepare to chase the toy box. Photo by Lord Mikus.

It was then Their Majesties’ pleasure to indulge in a bit of informal business.

Their Majesties first requested the presence of all in attendance who were at their first event. They bid them welcome, and gave them drinking vessels, so that they might find refreshment and fellowship that night.

The Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald, Lord Snorri skyti Bjarnarson, then summoned forth the Marshal in Charge of the previous evenings’ night shoot, Master Bowman Snorri skyti Bjarnarson, who was conveniently the same person. Master Bowman Snorri then spoke of the difficulty of the night shoot, and called forth Lord Bjarki Rikarðarson, the winner, and presented him with his personal token, cast by Lord Tassin Tresseul, on a silver chain to wear about his neck, that all might recognize his dubious prowess at nocturnal remote stabbing.

Bharki archery

Lord Bjarki is recognized as winner of the night shoot. Photo by Lord Mikus.

As archery was the topic of interest at the moment, Their Majesties also had the Marshal in Charge of the day’s archery activities summoned, and Master Hrólfr á Fjárfelli came forward. He named Lord Robert of Haseltine the best crossbowman that day, and likewise gave the name of Lord Godfrey de Bayeux as the best handbowman.

Lord Robert and Lord Godfrey are recognized for their archery skills. Photos by Lord Mikus.

Lady Jane AnS

Lady Jane announces the A&S winners. Photo by Lord Mikus.

Their Majesties did then inquire about the Arts and Sciences display that was prominently placed in the upper hall, and Lady Jane Arden was summoned to explain the day’s happenings. Lady Jane explained that many and sundry items had been displayed for the inspection and enjoyment of both the populace and the Royalty, and that the populace had chosen two favorites: THL Robert of Furness’ tawed hat and shoes, and the Lady Nycaise D’Ozier la Tailleresse’ embroidered wool tunic. Their Majesties had also chosen a favorite, and that honor went to Viscountesss Eira av Attemark’s landschnekt inspired coif.

His Excellency Baron Caleb Reynolds did then beg a boon of Their Majesties for a moment of their time. He called up Lady Thalia Papillon, and took her in front of all assembled as his Protégé, admonishing all that her successes were her own, but that he would hear of her failures.

Thalia protege

Master Caleb takes Lady Thalia as his protege.Photo by Lord Mikus.

Next Their Majesties called forth their Champion of Thrown Weapons, Lord Rikardr in blakki Bjarn, called Bear of House Sable Maul, and inquired if he had indeed run a tournament to determine his successor for Their reign. Lord Bear replied that, with the assistance of Master Antonio de Luna, he had run such a contest, and that a winner had emerged. The Honorable Lord Kumagaya Kentarou Masamoto of the Barony-Marche of Debatable Lands then was called forward. Lord Bear divested himself of the accoutrements of the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion, presented them to His Lordship Kuma, and attempted to retire to take his rest. Her Majesty Gabrielle, having been impressed with the difficulty and imagination of Lord Bear’s targets, bade him stay a moment longer. Her Royal Majesty, being moved to name him Her Inspiration that day, then awarded him a Golden Escarbuncle.

THLord Kuma is named Thrown Weapons Champion, while Lord Bear receives a Golden Escarbuncle. Photo by Lord Mikus.

The informal business of the court thus dispensed with, Their Majesties had summoned to them Broddr Refsson. Having heard of his knifemaking skill and recruitment efforts, they were moved to Award him Arms, accompanied by a lovely scroll from Lady Aurelia Argenta Prima.

Broddr AoA

Broddr receives an AoA. Photo by Lord Mikus.

After that, Their Majesties called for Guy of Heronter, words having reached their ears of his prowess at both fencing and service, he was Awarded Arms from their hands, with a gorgeous scroll from Lady Magdelena Txoperena.

Guy AoA

Guy receives an AoA. Photo by Lord Mikus.

Next Wentliana verch Meuric was bade approach the throne, which she did, quite fittingly, from behind it, where she was acting as retainer to Her Majesty. Having long been impressed by her steadfast service from a very young age, and as she was now approaching her majority, Their Majesties were wont to Award her Arms. Beautiful scroll by THL Zofia Kowalewska.

Wentliana AoA

Wentliana receives an AoA. Photo by Lord Mikus.

Their Majesties then called forth Lady Jane Arden. They spoke of how it was fitting that They had already seen her once that evening regarding Arts and Sciences activities, because word had come to Them of her accomplishments in that area, and they had now seen proof. Therefore, They wished to enter this lady’s name into the rolls of the Order of the Sycamore, with a fabulous scroll by Duke Marcus Eisenwald.

Jane Sycamore

Lady Jane receives a Sycamore. Photo by Lord Mikus.

The next order of business Their Majesties’ had was with Lady Sarah Ballangee, who was called to Them. Words were spoken of her steadfast helpfulness for over a decade, and so Their Majesties were moved to award her the honors and accolades of the Order of the Keystone. The particularly fine scroll was by THL Vivienne of Yardley.

Sarah Keystone

Lady Sarah receives a Keystone. Photo by Lord Mikus.

The Viscountess Eira av Attemark was then asked to approach, and Their Majesties spoke of her constant service in the Shire of Heronter, at demos, sewing for others, hosting arts and sciences days, and cleaning up after events. For all this service They were compelled to add her to the Order of the Keystone, and a striking scroll by THL Gesa von Wellensten was given in token.

Eira Keystone

Viscountess Eira receives a Keystone. Photo by Lord Mikus.

After the cheers had died down, Lady Meg MacNeil was called. Their Majesties spoke of her prowess in tournaments and melees, and of her willingness to travel to fight. For all of this, she was inducted in to the Order of the Golden Alce, with a beautiful scroll by the hand of Lady Murdia Drusilla Vettia Portia.

Meg Golden Alce

Lady Meg receives a Golden Alce. Photo by Lord Mikus.

With smiles, Their Majesties then bade their Herald summon to them Duke Maynard von dem Steine. While His Grace is well-known far and wide for his puissance as a jockey of lengthy rattan, his many forays into the world of the arts were less well known – a deficiency now hopefully rectified. An exquisite scroll by Duke Marcus Eisenwald spoke of His Grace Maynard’s efforts at the minting of coins, the learning of 14th century deeds of arms, brewing, and many other aspects of craft. For these things, and many more, Their Majesties saw fit to induct him into the Order of the Sycamore.

Maynard Sycamore

Duke Maynard receives a Sycamore. Photo by Lord Mikus.

Following after, Their Majesties had summoned Lady Siobhan Readnait, the red of her face nearly matching that of her hair. They noted her service as an Archery Marshal, retainer, guard, in kitchens, and in the Sisterhood of Bellona. For all this, and more, they inducted her into the Order of the Keystone with a scroll bearing words from Baroness Mistress Juliana Ortolono.

Siobhan Keystone

Lady Siobhan receives a Keystone. Photo by Lord Mikus.

Next, Mistress Elska á Fjárfelli was called forward. Having already achieved a peerage in her discipline, the Arts and Sciences, Mistress Elska appeared quite confused as to why she had been summoned – and told Their Majesties so. They kindly enlightened her: she had been called to be added to the Order of the Keystone, for her many years of work on Royal Garb projects and service teaching at events made her eminently worthy of that honor. In token of this she was given a scroll made by the hand of Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

Elska Keystone

Mistress Elska receives a Keystone. Photo by Lord Mikus.

Their Majesties, now wishing to indulge in a bit of theatrics, had summoned before them Their Most Noble Order of the Millrind. Once assembled, Their Majesties had Sir Ian Kennoven called into court, to much applause. They spoke of his longstanding service in the kingdom’s kitchens, and placed him firmly amongst the rest of his new Order with a scroll from Baroness Amalie Reinhardt. They then called for Baroness Slaine an Einigh, to even more applause, spoke of her long-term service as a water bearer – and many other acts of service – and added her to the assembled Order with a scroll from Vonda of Finnland. Finally, they called for Noble Rhys Penbras ap Daffyd – to thunderous applause – and spoke of his work as Kingdom Exchequer, as well as many other things, and duly added them as well to the Order with a scroll from the prolific Baroness Ekaterina Volkova. Their Majesties then sent the Millrinds to the back of the hall, there to render hearty congratulations to their new brothers and sisters.

Master Ian, Baroness Slaine, and Noble Rhys are inducted into the Millrind. Photo by Lord Mikus.

After the front of the dais had been cleared of celebratory Millrinds, Their Majesties called to them Baron Rhiannon Elandris. They spoke glowingly of his work in the arts and sciences over the years, saying that His Excellency’s work was so striking that it was instantly recognizable as his own. For this, they were moved to add his name to the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc, with a handsome scroll from THL Gesa von Wellenstein. This having been done, and vivats rendered with enthusiasm by all assembled, His Excellency turned to leave – only to be further detained by King Timothy. His Majesty then nodded to His Herald, who called for the assemblage of the Most Noble Order of the Pelican. He asked them if it was still their will to add this noble to their Order, and they replied in the affirmative, and so a Writ to contemplate elevation was read for Baron Rhiannon, speaking of his decades of service to the Rhydderich Hael, and the Kingdom’s equestrian community, and there was much rejoicing.

Rhiannon Pel Writ

Baron Rhiannon receives a Fleur and a Writ for the Pelican. Photo by Lord Mikus.

In due time, there was again an empty space in front of Their most noble throne, Armando, which begged to be filled. Their Majesties again called for Her Grace, Duchess Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin. Her Grace entered the court with much pomp and circumstance, preceded by drum and horn, and many worthy nobles, and beautiful ladies wearing clothing of Her Grace’s own make, and followed by guards from Ætt Skyti, well-armed and red-shielded, and other nobles with banners aflutter. His Majesty Timothy asked Her Grace if she had completed her vigil, and wished to proceed. The answer being yes, the Most Noble Order of the Laurel was then called for. Asking them if they still wished this lady to join their ranks, He was met with a resounding yes, and so then called for testimony from the Peers of the Realm as to her worthiness.

Duke Matthew Blackleaf spoke of her fine service and arts for the Order of the Pelican, then Duchess Dorinda Courtenay spoke of Duchess Siobhan’s fine qualities in the eyes of the Order of Defense. Duke Sven Gunnarson spoke glowing words from the Chivalry, then Duchess Cassandra Zoe Paganel’s words were heard speaking as a Royal Peer. Duchess Líadain ní Dheirdre Chaomhánaigh spoke as Jewel of Æthelmearc of the excellence of the lady, and then the words of three Masters of the Laurel were heard, each attesting to the scholarship, skill, and joy of the lady: Meisterin Felicitas Flußmüllnerin, Mistress Katheryn Hebenstreitz, and Mistress Joutsenjärven Sahra.

Once all these words had been heard, a medallion was called for, to mark her station. One made by his own hand was presented by Duke EikBrandr Solgyafi, OL, and placed around Her Grace’s neck by him at King Timothy’s invitation. A Norse covering was called for, to warm her shoulders, and was placed upon her by Meisterin Felicitas and Lady Katelyn of Nordmark. A golden wreath was placed upon her brow to proclaim her triumph, along with a kiss, by His Grace Sven. Finally, the Ancestral Pastry was presented, in its Ark, by Mistress Gail, to be kept and held by her in safety and reverence until it is called for again.

At that time, King Timothy drew forth the Sword of State, and along with Queen Gabrielle, laid hands upon its hilts, as did Her Grace Siobhan, and she spake this oath:

“I will, to my utmost power, stand against all wrongdoing, and uphold peace and justice. I will clothe fatherless and motherless children, virgins, widows, and poor people alike, and make them Finnish fabulous to the best of my ability; and likewise will I be a staunch and loyal supporter of my Crown and Kingdom, and rightly and honorably hold and exercise my mastership, for the honour to the Realm, this I swear, so say I, Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin.”

The Crown accepted her oath, and gave her one in return of support and friendship, and helped her to her feet. A scroll from the Scribes of Drachenwald was read, in the form of a carven wooden tablet, one side adorned with Finnish runes, read by His Grace Sven, the other side a translation of the first adorned with rune-shaped English letters, and devilishly hard to decipher, read with reasonable success by the Jewel Herald, without advantage of a typed crib sheet.

The assembled populace then gave three hearty vivats for Her Grace, Mistress Shanaynay, and the Laurels there led their new member to the back of the hall, there to give congratulations.

Siobhan Laurel

Duchess Siobhan is inducted into the Order of the Laurel. Photo by Lord Mikus.

Finally, Their Majesties called up all scribes there present who had contributed a scroll to the day’s courts, and each was given a token of appreciation from Their hands. Engaging in a bit of Royal subterfuge, they caught hold of The Honorable Lady Zosia Kowalewska as she made to depart, and bade her bide a moment more. They then called for Their Most Noble Order of the Pelican. After verifying that it was still the will of this Order to take her ladyship into their ranks, Their Majesties presented her with a Writ to Contemplate Elevation to this order.

Zosia Pel Writ

THLady Zosia receives a Writ for the Order of the Pelican. Photo by Lord Mikus.

There being no further business, court was closed.


Lord Snorri skyti Bjarnarson
Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald