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Being the Chronicle of the Courts of Timothy and Gabrielle, King and Queen of Sylvan Æthelmearc, held on the nineteenth day of October, AS 54 (2019), at Agincourt, in Their Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands. Submitted by Lord Snorri skyti Bjarnarson, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald.

The morning came bright and glorious, and so it was Their Majesties’ pleasure to have their court called into session on the fencing lysts. The day’s combatants were introduced to Them, and Queen Gabrielle did give to each combatant kind words, and a red rose, symbolizing Her love for them as Her subjects and the honor they did Her by fighting to be Her champion. Once all combatants had been introduced, Her Majesty spoke, and wished them all well, and to fight with honor. The tournament did then begin, and there being no further business, court was suspended until such time as Their Majesties desired.

QRC entrants

Entrants in the Queen’s Rapier Tournament process before the Queen. Photo by Baroness Aine ny Allane.

Some time later, Their Majesties, desiring words with Lady Katheryn Täntzel, traveled to the archery lysts, and bade their court be called into session. They spoke of her long service to barony and kingdom as a member of the archery community, and said that there was an order that had consented to her inclusion. Their Order of the Scarlet Guard was called forward, and Lady Katheryn was made The Honorable Lady Katheryn, Scarlet Guard, and she was bade join her new order for congratulations. Later that day she was presented with a lovely scroll from Their Majesties, crafted by THL Gesa Wellenstein. There being no further business at that time, court was again suspended.

Lady Katheryn is inducted into the Scarlet Guard. Photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Accordingly, later that day Their Majesties again wished words with a gentle upon the fields of combat, and returned to the fencing lysts to reopen their court. Li Chang was called before them, and Their Majesties spoke warmly of his dedication to fencing and contributions to the Society as an artisan, and so Awarded him Arms with a scroll by Lady Murdia Drusilla Vettia Portia.

Li Chang AoA

Li Chang receives an AoA. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

That evening, the day’s fine fellowship, valiant martial pursuits, and excellent weather, Their Majesties did again call all gentles there present to attend Their court with trumpet blast and loud oyez.

Their Majesties first summoned forward all children there present. When they had assembled, His Majesty spotted a young man who was an erstwhile courter of his eldest daughter. This young man, called Ben, was summoned before the court, and given the kingdom toy chest. With scant instruction, His Majesty gleefully bade young Ben to run, and sent the kingdom’s children in fast pursuit.


Ben makes ready to flee with the toy chest. Photo by Baroness Aine.

Their Majesties then gave leave to His Excellency of the Debatable Lands to hold his court.


Baron Brandubh holds Baronial Court. Photo by Baroness Aine.

Upon completion of the Baronial court, Their Majesties called for all newcomers to approach the throne. These good gentles were welcomed, and given cups made by the kingdom’s artisans, and bade return often to fill them with the Society.

It was then Her Majesty’s pleasure to remind all assembled about Mistress Jenna’s tokens, to be given by anyone for acts of kindness and service they witnessed.

Her Majesty’s words on that subject being finished, the summons went forth for all redheads there present to come forward. Baroness Mistress Anna Eisenkopf spoke of the Taker of Souls Tournaments held that day, and gave accolades to The Honorable Lord Boden as the day’s heavy combat victor, and Lord Mathias al Tabai as the day’s victor of fence.

A missive from Master Antonio de Luna, Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal, was read. In it, he commended the following subjects for their skill at knife and axe:

Lord Duncan MacCoulagh, with an average of 84 of 120, has earned the rank of Huntsman.


Lord Duncan is recognized as a Huntsman. Photo by Baroness Aine.

Lord Meinulfr Grimsson, with an average of 89.7 of 120, has earned the rank of Huntsman.


Lord Meinulfr is recognized as a Huntsman. Photo by Baroness Aine.

Lord Arvik Hyttoinen, with an average of 91.3 of 120, has earned the rank of Huntsman.

Lord Maddoc MacRoyri with an average of 102 of 120, has earned the rank of Marksman.

Lord Vilhjalmr Jorgennson with an average of 103 of 120, has earned the rank of Marksman.

The Honorable Lord Kumagaya Kentarou Masamoto with an average of 110 of 120, has earned the rank of Marksman. This being the highest average ever recorded in Æthelmearc, it is especially worthy of note.

All these skilled lords were bidden seek out Master Antonio for a token from him to commemorate their achievement.

There being no further informal business to address, Her Majesty Queen Gabrielle stood and addressed Her court, concerning the day’s tournament held for Her to choose Her champion. She spoke glowingly of all the fencers who had competed to gain her favor, but said that one rose above all others in her esteem that day, and so Master Po Silvertop was called forward. He was invested as Queen’s Rapier Champion with a scroll by Lady Vedis Aradottir of Coppertree, and accoutered with the cape and sword of that honor, and so took his place behind Their Majesties as a Kingdom Champion.


Master Po is named Queen’s Rapier Champion. Photo by Baroness Aine.

Next, Ingvar Sviaroslavich was called before the throne. Their Majesties spoke glowingly of his fighting efforts and happy demeanor, and so Awarded him Arms, to be determined at a later date in consultation with the College of Heralds, with words for a forthcoming scroll by Master Kieran.

Ingvar AoA

Ingvar receives an AoA. Photo by Baroness Aine.

That being completed, Their Majesties called for Their subject Gardner of Elygh. They spoke of his musical and comedic gifts, and were so pleased that he shares them with all that he was Awarded Arms, with a scroll by Sister Mary Catastrophe.

Gardner AoA

Gardner receives an AoA. Photo by Baroness Aine.

At that time, Their Majesties demanded the presence of Lord Halfdan Rauþkinn. They spoke to all present of this lord’s skill at the making of banners, and at brewing, and that he gave freely of his time as a teacher, and so added his name to the rolls of the Order of the Sycamore, with a scroll by Lady Alysoun of the Debatable Lands.

Halfdan Sycamore

Lord Halfdan receives a Sycamore. Photo by Baroness Aine.

Their Majesties did then call for Mistress Irene von Schmetterling. She was escorted forward by her lord, and knelt before the Sylvan Throne. Their Majesties spoke of her prowess and steady improvements in the fencing lysts, and so called for Their Order of the White Scarf, as well as any Ladies of the Rose, Garnet, or any other Royal Consorts there present. Mistress Irene was then inducted into that order, and a suitable scarf tied about her arm.

Irene White Scarf

Mistress Irene’s White Scarf is tied on her arm by her husband, Master William de Montegilt. Photo by Baroness Aine.

Queen Gabrielle then rose, and spoke with great admiration of a young Baron of the Court who had stepped in to run Her tournament that day, and did so with good cheer and great competence. She names Baron Robert Hawksworth as Her Inspiration that day, and awarded unto him a Golden Escarbuncle, tinted red for service.

Robert Golden Escarbuncle

Baron Robert receives a Golden Escarbuncle. Photo by Baroness Aine.

Finally, Their Majesties called up all scribes there present who had contributed a scroll to the day’s courts, and each was given a token of appreciation from Their hands.

There being no further business, court was closed.

Submitted by Lord Snorri skyti Bjarnarson, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald