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Being the Chronicle of the Courts of Timothy and Gabrielle, King and Queen of Sylvan Æthelmearc, held on the sixteenth day of November, AS 54 (2019), at Their Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship, in Their Dominion of Myrkfaelinn. Submitted by Lord Snorri skyti Bjarnarson, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald.

After a fine day of food, fellowship, and fantastic arts and sciences, Their Majesties Timothy and Gabrielle bade their court be opened and the populace to seek their comfort.

Their Majesties first summoned forward all children there present. His Majesty, feeling the hall a bit too small to allow the children to safely engage in the traditional chase of the kingdom toybox, bade them go find it instead, saying only that it was already hidden somewhere within the hall. The assembled children scampered forth, seeking to and fro… but without success. Eventually, the box was spotted, cleverly being quietly sat upon by young Ivan Snorrison in a back corner of the hall, accompanied by Timothy of Arindale the Younger, with great mirth on both their faces. The various and sundry other children of the realm soon saw through these shenanigans, and toys were dutifully and gladly distributed to all and happily received.

It was then Her Majesty’s pleasure to invite forward Her Excellency Amalie Reinhardt to speak to all assembled about the AE Leads tokens, to be given by anyone for acts of kindness and service they witnessed.

Next, an announcement that, by Royal Writs duly signed by TRM Æthelmearc and Middle, that Lady Catherine Lumhaghs is a subject of the Crown of Æthelmearc.

Their Majesties then rose and spoke of the spectacular arts and sciences on display that day and noted that there was actually a tie for first place. It being so, Their Majesties then exercised a bit of Royal prerogative and decided that They would choose both a King’s Champion and a Queen’s Champion. To that end, Baron Jasper Longshanks and THL Máirghréad Stíobhard inghean uí Choinne were called before the court and made King’s A&S Champion, and Queen’s A&S Champion, respectively, and they received the regalia of their new offices from His Lordship Robert of Ferness, the outgoing Champion.

Their Majesties then bade them both remain a moment more and told Baron Jasper that they were not yet done with the business They had with him that day, then bade Their herald call forth Their Most Noble Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc and made Baron Jasper a member of that order, with a scroll by THL Vivienne of Yardley.

Baron Jasper and THL Máirghréad. Photo by Elska.

Baron Jasper and THL Máirghréad as the new King and Queen’s A&S Champion (Photograph by Elska á Fjárfelli)Their Majesties saw need to name one further champion that day: a Kingdom Youth Champion of Arts & Sciences, so They had summoned before them Cornelia of Harford. They spoke glowingly of her display of handmade rabbit fur mittens, noting that she had received a score on the same rubric as the adults and would have scored very well were she an adult. In addition, They were also quite impressed with her comportment and speaking about her project, and so named her Their Youth A&S Champion.

His Lordship Matteo presenting Lady Eadgytha and Lord Simon their AOA scrolls during Myrkfaelinn’s weekly practice. Photo by Elska.

At that time, Their Majesties called for Eadgytha and Simon of Myrkfaelinn, or one who could speak for them. His Lordship Matteo Pesci came forward and avowed that he could so speak, and so Eadgytha and Simon were made Lady and Lord, members of the Nobility of Æthelmearc, with Awards of Arms.

Next, Kitty Maclure was called forward, and with much emotion received
her Award of Arms and was made Lady Kitty of the Nobility of Æthelmearc,
with a scroll by Lady Drucilla.

Soon after, Their Majesties called again for Their Most Noble order of the Fleur
d’Æthelmearc and spoke to them of an omission from their ranks that should then be rectified. The Order being in agreement, Lady Finuola Fenris McGill was called forward and added to their ranks, with a scroll by Master Jonathan Blaecstan.

After that, Their Majesties called for their Most Noble Order of the Pelican to attend Them. Once assembled, Their Majesties stated that an addition needed to be made to their Order and sent for Baroness Aine O’Muirghesan to be brought before them. She was presented with a Writ to contemplate elevation, with a scroll illuminated by Lady Nicola Beese with words from Mistress Cori Ghora, and sent forth to consider her answer with seriousness and thoughtfulness, her reply to be received at a later date.

That happy business being accomplished, Their Majesties saw it right and fit to summon Their Most Noble Order of the Laurel to attend Them. When asked if they wished to add to their number they responded aye, and so the presence of His Lordship Robert of Ferness was demanded. King Timothy spake that, as His Lordship now had extra time (no longer being the kingdom’s Arts and Sciences Champion) he should use such time as was now available to consider elevation, and sent him forth with a Writ commanding the same.

Queen Gabrielle then rose and spoke with great admiration of the work of Cornelia of Harford, noting that, when her A&S display was unattended between judging times, there was a card left there advising any seeking her that she should most probably be found helping in the kitchens, and that she would return from there to speak upon her project if desired. Her Majesty named Cornelia as Her Inspiration that day, and awarded unto her a Golden Escarbuncle, tinted green for arts & sciences achievement.

Finally, Their Majesties called up all scribes there present who had contributed a scroll to the day’s courts, and each was given a token of appreciation from Their hands.

There being no further business, court was closed.


Lord Snorri skyti Bjarnarson
Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald