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THL Robert of Ferness serving from his mini-barrel at the 2019 Seven Deadlies brewing round table & competition.

The Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins, hosted by the Barony of Delftwood February 1st, 2020, will once again host the Annual Region 5 Brewing Championship! Everyone and every beverage type is welcome. We will use the round table style judging format; even if you have no entry you are welcome to join in and partake.

The round table format means that the competition is both a round table, where we taste each others work and provide feedback, as well as a competition, where the entry is scored and the feedback noted down on paper for the entrant to take home. Each participant, whether or not they come with an entry, can partake in the tasting and discussion, giving constructive feedback for each others work. We find it is often the entry’s brewer who judges their own work the most critical, and find the format to be quite an effective way for beginner, as well as established brewers, to advance their research and brewing techniques and sources.

We will have entry forms at the event but you are also welcome to fill one in before coming so you can make good use of your brew book.

Best brewer wins overall, and best Region 5 brewer will win the Regional Championship. And depending on what I can find hiding in my stash, there will be winner’s loot too…

Come all and bring your best!


Entry form: http://brewers.aethelmearc.org/EntryForm.pdf

Scoring rubric: http://brewers.aethelmearc.org/24ptRubric.pdf

Score sheet: http://brewers.aethelmearc.org/24ptScoring.pdf

More on the event

For more information, please contact Region 5 Brewers Representative Elska á Fjárfelli at elska.a.fjarfelli AT gmail DOT com